Tempted by Love to Cheat

Loving two men was not in my plan
To leave my husband and family for another man

Which man will win and which one will lose?
How could I ever choose?

Do I choose by the number of years?
Thinking about it brings me to tears

Living as an impostor pretending life is good.
Not being fair to my husband as I should.

My heart and soul longs to be with you
My family pulls at my heart strings too!

Must I sacrifice everything for the other?
Would it worth it to be his lover?

How can I ever come up with the right date?
Leaving my family for him will have to wait

How can I justify breaking my families heart?
To satisfy my selfish dream for us to have a new start

So for now I must push you away.
No choice for me now, but to stay
dare2love dare2love
56-60, F
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Exactly how I'm feeling. :')

Please reply with authenticity, support, and respect
Sorry, that you're going through such an experience. I wrote this after my first love called after 36 years. Both of us were in long time marriages. We talked for about 6 months and planned on meeting but that never happened. I think his wife found out, and he cut off all communication. I was really sad, and I think of him often but understand. Although it ended sadly, I think I would do it all over again. It was one of the most exciting times in my adult life. I was so happy that he still thought of me, like I had him. Wishing you well!

I am in my second marriage. I had a lover from long ago resurface about two years ago. We have a 13 year history together. Our timing was never right, he was military, deployed many times, I was as he puts it, never emotionally available. He has been in my heart and it kills me. I care for him so. My husband and I have had some major problems long before I began speaking to my previous lover. I feel so torn.

Your writing spoke to me.

maam you write very well. i enjoyed reading it. was this the result of an affair which you had and felt the pain and guilt inside you ? would love to know more about you. I had also a similar experince . I feel its nature that after some years marriage gets stale and its human to search love elsewhere.It affects all , some are brave to take a big step forward and some kill themselves by keeping the urges inside. hope to know more about you

Yes, I think part of what I experienced was renewed excitement of first love, and after many years of marriage some of the excitement is gone. It was an exciting time in my life to have my first love back in my life, but now I've come to realize that the one that has been with me all these years and stood by my side through all the ups and downs is the one that can bring be happiness!

My question is "why must you choose and make one a looser?" Society may not approve, but you can have both.

I don't think our spouses would approve of our relationship! Would just hurt too many people.


It's been more than a year since I first reconnected with my first love. We never did meet again. I still think of him often, but know both of us have families that we love, and that love us.

Such a great poem and one I too can relate to and could really use someone to chat back and fourth with about it. I see that it has been a long while since it was posted but I appreciate that it is there to still read.

I'm glad that you connect with what I have written.

It was a poem dealing with some deep emotions of the reconnection with my first love. My marraige has not always been perfect, but I'm working on my relationship with my husband of many years. My first and I are leaving our love for one another in our hearts, but not letting it take over our lives we have made with our spouses.

simples, firstly find the strenght to tell your family , to mind there own buisiness, this is your life not threres , and if you need there guidance and interference then your not even ready for a mature relationship anyway , <br />
<br />
you have to make your own decisions in life , and you are accountable for them , so oput yourself in the shoes of both of these men and see how they might be feeling . then ask would you like to be in there shoes.<br />
<br />
i would ask my self in this situation if i was one of thosemen ,would ilet you mess with my feelings waiting for a reply no i would not , i would not fight over a woman that was indecisive becuase if she was she cant be full hearted in her commitments.<br />
<br />
relationships are not real love anyway if i felt like you did i would dump them both , and have some alone time then perhaps meet someone else in the future , but like isaid followwhat you feel to be right inside . do the right thing for all of you not just yourself .


I'm so glad you like my poem! It is so true.

I completely and whole heartly know how you feel...I love the poem!!! You write for the both of us!!!

We are still talking, but have not seen one another. I wish I could say that I am not still tempted.

Do you still see or talk to him? Or have you ended all communication? Very Nice BTW

I wrote it ,if thats what you mean. Thanks for the compliment.

If you put this together yourself. You've done very well.