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Well I have been cheating since high school. At one time I had 7 boyfriends, that all believed they were my one and only. The funny thing is I never once got caught. It takes alot of thinking, coordination and planning to not get caught. You have to be on your toes 24/7. Currently I have a boyfriend I have been dating for a while, a lover, and am talking to third prospect. The thing I enjoy about this, is the thrill that I could be caught at any moment. I got started with cheating after I was cheated on by a beau. Since then I figured I will play men before they play me. I know this makes look horrible, and I am trying to stop it. Maybe one day I will grow up and stay committed.
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why are people condoning this?? cheating leaves a huge joke in your heart and magnifies by multiples you have been cheating on someone with! Karma is going to get your boyfriend but she's going to pay special attention to your ways so I don't even need to wish you bad, it'll be coming to you already in a tidal wavd

love to **** your brains out on your bfs bed or while your on the phone to him ;)

I to am a cheater. I guess because ive never totally been happy in relationships. whether its with a kiss or hot steamy sex. was it worth all the guilt? no but I did it and from it realize ill never commit again to anyone and NEVER, EVER marry. I don't wanna hurt anyone or be hurt to where I ever cheat again.

sorry for u....sounds like u have commitment issues....not only that....I really feel for those guys that think u care....do u ? Sounds as though they are more objects for your ego, than relationships....have some empathy and think of what it might like to be in thier shoes....its better to have a good heart than be vindictive.

Hey Supergrrl,
See, I think women can and should have multiple lovers at the same time (common lingo for wives who do this today is Hotwife). It turns out that many women have a primary relationship and then have lovers on the side, while their husbands not only approve, but get off on it. The difference it seems is that you like all your boyfriends to be in the dark about it, because you crave the adrenaline rush. You certainly do have alot of energy! In the end though--and I know--it's hard to have any deep relationships that way.

One emerging (at least publicly emerging) trend today is something called 'hotwifing,' where a girlfriend or wife has sex with other guys, with full knowledge of her boyfriend or husband. For alot of guys, this turns them on, though most guys would hate to be cheated on and would leave their girlfriend / wife for doing it.

Nobody wants to be cheated on, and mesonic has it at least partly right IMHO- not all guys are bad. In fact, most guys I know prefer monogamy-- even those who want their wives to have sex with other men. I recommend continuing the thrills, but consider doing it in a way that doesn't hurt people who really are innocent of hurting you. Be open to the thrill of always having a new relationship, but have your primary boyfriend or husband support it and be turned on by it-- be a Hot wife (or girlfriend)! Something to think about?

I think the big deal here is (what I am assuming.) Your first boyfriend screwing you over and has left a HUGE dent on you. The trill and rush is always fun and will be until you get caught or if you ever reflect on morals or any out side sources. (Family or close friends finding out.)

It is messed up you are not on the same page with them, open relationships are fine as long as there is an understanding. No one is entitled to anything though, so if this is what makes you happy, I guess you will keep doing it till you have be caught or until you fill your revenge. How ever, if you would like to talk about or try to work on stopping your current hobby / habit. You should try to talk to someone about what all happened with your first boyfriend and how it relates to what you are doing now...

Also a little FYI not all men are out their to screw you over, whether you believe it or not. But many people (Men and woman) are selfish, the sad part is most of the time its started by the good, but nieve ones being taken advantage of.


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