I Got Caught This Morning

at 4 am. its now 11:09am. Im in shock, i feel like it was a dream. This time I mean it though, I will never ever cheat again. 
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3 Responses Mar 16, 2012

The other person that you cheated with, being the only person who can help you through it is a ticking time bomb. If you choose to confide one more time......it may be that last chance. I hope that you can make a decision and stick with it. Suicide wouldn't help you....you have to be the one to say I have something to live for and get up and do it. Hold your head high. Breath fresh air. Smell a flower. Sit in the sun. Know that the decisions you make are yours...good or bad....and that new doors will open while other doors may shut.. Good luck to you !

I'd he is talking to u... U have a good chance in saving this. But u have to be ready to be an open book with him about everything u do for a long time I gain his trust back. And stay away from all temptation.

I know and I already have done half of that. i gave him all of my passwords and deleted my social network accounts. The really bad part is the person i cheated on him with is my only other friend who can help me through this. Because of my chronic depression i cant be alone because i will become suicidal.

U need to talk to a couselor and fast. Depression sucks I know.. It haunts. But u have to remind urself everyday this man love u. And loving urself and knowing go put u here and kept u here this long for a purpose. So hold on don't beat urself up over a mistake 60-90% of people make. It only shows ur human.

Ok Suicidal? I dont understand? Just stopping cheating occupy your time with something healthy.

What happened? How'd u get caught? How'd he/she react?

Its a long story. My boyfriend didnt know i had cheated till he asked me if I had sex with my ex and i confessed. He got mad, stormed out. We talked on the phone for a total of 20 minutes after he left and then text for 2 hours. i didnt hear from him again till i called him at 3:30pm and he picked up the phone, we talked for maybe a minute. Then he text me again after i text him 4 times and told me that he was going to bed. *shrugs* Now all i get to do is play the waiting game cause im not sure how he really feels.