Cheater: A vulgar recount

I've cheated on various girlfriends a number of times. When i was dating my previous gf which i actually suspected of cheating on me something told me to just say **** it and look for people to have sex with online. Not too long went by and i found somebody in the Hartford area and drove to her and after having some drinks at a local bar we went to the car and i throatfucked her and came down her throat. Next time i had her come over to my city and we found an empty CVS parking lot and parked in an alcove formed by the walls of a nearby building so we weren't completely in plain sight and i spread her legs and had her panting in no time. When i was ready to come i took off my condom and came in her mouth. I just love spraying it in there like i'm tending to some imaginary garden flowers. It's the best feeling, like something was lifted of my shoulders and i just feel lighter and lightheaded at the same time. Another time i was hosting a couch-surfer and showing her the sights and sounds of the city. Took her to a hole in the wall type bar with a great German theme and food as well as live performers on one of those tired, slow midweek evenings, the air thick with atmosphere and loneliness. After a while of soaking up the alcohol and atmosphere -i don't know which was heavier- we headed for one of the various parking lots i've brought women to and started passionately kissing. I think on her part it was one of those sort of cathartic and vengeful kisses that one only is capable of only after realizing that your soon to be life mate has changed plans and you aren't involved in them any longer. After you realize that your life is drastically changing course whether you like it or not. So she starts garbing my **** and massaging it and being a bit rough with it too as if it had something to do with her previous fiance's decision to end the engagement. I lower her panties and start eating her out and tasting her juices and i finger her as well and lick the juice off my fingers. It's a beautiful moment. My head between some woman's legs and i barely know her....Another time it was European ****** was beautiful in that old school pinup Bettie Paige kinda way, radiating classic beauty and at the same time looking like a creature out of an enchanted forest of ******. I ****** her one her bed and adored the contours of her face and the life in her eyes. She was too alive, more so than some of these girls you meet in bars and they have that alcohol induced glazed look on their faces. Her eyes were almost fierce and at times she avoided contact or closed them for a moment so as not to overwhelm me. I loved the black and white artwork on her body and the way her cheeks took on a concave appearance to allow my **** to enter her mouth for the climax. Then i took my umbrella and opened it as i walked out in light rain and turbid gray sky and air that smelled of fresh moisture.
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You like leftovers huh must SUCK To Be YOU....

What a horrible person