I Cheated Because-is No Excuse!

Every one knows me and my life thru EP. I am and always was, an open book, ask me anything and I'll be open and tell you, if I know. I may stumble finding the right words 'cause I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, or some how make a worse day for them. I figure this is my way to tell you all, including my last lover, why I did what I did. I am ashamed to say it, so bear with me OK?
My married Guy and I had a wonderful time together, we laughed, cryed and played well together.
The cheating was on my part (&his, he's still married).
What my guy was lacking, a hairy chest-I found one I could enjoy, at a price. 
And a big ****(like my guy's) that grew and came-found one I could enjoy, again at a price. (extra guy wore condomes)
Now that my guy left me 'cause he found out. and I didn't think he'd care, I can't even look at the others. and I don't
Skype any more either. I am just not ready to move on yet I guess. I am still mourning my loss. He was wonderful!
I want another man in my life, but I don't want a married one.  Maybe then I'd be good and not cheat.
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I see this was written in May and your last response was in June. I hope that things have resolved themselves and you are back on track. I wounder how it would be if we all didn't have real intercourse and just *********** ourselves and each other. And maybe got into some of those prostate massages you wrote about in another post? Just a thought...I'm not sure what makes people jealous...happily my wife is not a jealous person and neither am I.

HI OLDBOXY, Thanks for your comments, my married guy and I are back together. I am happy, hope he is too. I can't answer for him, but he seems to be happy! I think you have the right idea, mutual ************ sounds very pleasing. Thanks for the idea.

Thanks djw1, I'm glad to know this even has a happy ending....at least for now. I was thinking of this story and President Clinton and was wondering where the line should be drawn. Is it less serious cheating if you only ********** outside marriage. Or is anything with others cheating? It's a serious question but probably not significant in light of what I'm reading here.

a stud..or your stud...

I'll write to you.

then climb up the side ...look over and see the sunshine...and enjoy life..you know how good you are

thank you

thanks but seems I'm stuck in one of life's ruts!

sounds like you are putting to much blame on yourself...live life and enjoy..