Women Want Sex Just As Much As Men Do. *gasp*

Human nature. At our cores, we are narcissistic and lustful creatures. Society tells us that men think about sex more often than women due to the biological need to "spread their seed." I, however, have never bought this line of crap. Why? Because from the time I first became interested in sex, I've thought about it constantly, many, many times each day. When I meet an attractive man in any setting - wine and cheese parties, professional conferences, the check-out lane in my local supermarket - I fantasize about what it would be like to **** him. Is he kinky? Dominant? Submissive? Does he like having sex in front of a mirror? ???

Despite my tendency to daydream and fantasize about different sex partners, I had been completely faithful to my husband of four years. Married for four years, together for eight, and totally monogamous. Until two months ago. It's tough to be 28 years old, knowing that you've only been with one man for all of your twenties. The need to experience different sex, NEW sex, exciting and forbidden sex simply became too much. And, I hope I don't seem too vain here, I'm constantly hit on by men, despite the wedding ring. Although I had been toying with the idea of an affair for quite some time, I never found anyone who I felt would be worth the risk. After all, I don't want anyone to drop a bomb on my normal, everyday universe.

Then, one day, I met *Jeff* (not his real name). Wow. Twenty years older than I, but so damn sexy. Dark hair, athletic, handsome, deep voice, very intense personality, intelligent, married, looks ten years younger than his age, and the sparks just flew between us. We ended up agreeing to meet for coffee, calling this a "platonic" meeting, but knowing full well that we both wanted to seduce the other. During our "innocent" meeting at a local espresso bar, we touched hands. Wow. I could see the excitement and lust in his eyes and I know he could sense my excitement. Although we didn't meet for another two weeks, we texted and e-mailed every day, sometimes multiple times during the day. Then it happened. He rented a little cabin by a lake and we spent one day and one night together, screwing, drinking wine, lying around naked, talking, screwing again....

As I drove home the next morning, I felt a slight twinge of guilt. My husband is a wonderful, caring man and I love him deeply. The thought of not having him in my life is unbearable. Despite this, the rational side of my brain took over and wiped out any sense of guilt. Humans are not meant to be monogamous - neither man nor woman. The one meeting has now turned into several meetings and the texts and e-mails continue every day. The sex is simply unbelievable! It's almost weird how sexually compatible we are and how very comfortable we feel around each other. There's a strong intellectual connection between us that fuels the sexual desire. Neither of us is willing to leave our spouses, but we've both come to find this parallel universe that we've created too enticing - addicting, even - to give it up.

As someone who has embarked on her first affair, I was surprised how much it has actually helped my marriage. My sex drive and affection for my husband is simply through the roof. I know I should feel guilty for living a lie, but I don't feel the slightest remorse. It's indulgent, maybe even hedonistic, to have a lover who can fulfill all of my sexual fantasies and a husband to cuddle with in front of the TV. There's nothing like having your cake and eating it too.

For those of you reading this, I want to pose a few questions. Some of you may think this is "wrong", but is it really? As long as nobody gets hurt, what is the harm in pursuing our physical and mental desires? And why should women be shackled by the notion that we supposedly don't enjoy sex as much, or we're supposed to only want one partner due to our "biological" need to make and raise babies, or men need sex more, or, or, or.....? Why can't men be painted with the "Scarlet Letter" for once? Or why should any man or woman be castigated for acknowledging the human condition at all?
Paranoidandroid1 Paranoidandroid1
Sep 13, 2012