<--------serial Cheater.

Ever since I had my first boyfriend in grade school, I've been a cheater. Jerry was cute but Eddie was funny and in my class, so....From there its been a string of relationships that either began because I cheated or ended because I cheated. My most significant situation is a 14 year engagement that will be a one year marriage, come February 14. I know, right? Since this relationship, its hard to say how many affairs I've had. In some weird twist of fate, cheating has been such a big part of my life, I've become quite good at keeping it undercover. Suspicions aside, I've not been cold busted in years barring the obligatory confession to cover an even greater indiscretion. "Why? " is a legit query. We could all Freudian and delve into my relationship with my parents as a kid, but I want to own my own ish, if you know what I mean. I think cheating is just something I choose to do because I strive to have my cake, your cake, and eat every bit of it. I'm greedy. Why should I settle for just one person? Granted, very few of these people deserved to be cheated on but once something surfaces, let's say they don't like to talk about music but most other things are OK, I'll seek out someone who does like to talk about music. Plus, I don't have the drive nor desire to mold someone to fit my preferences.
So that's one thing I got going on. Probably the darkest definition of myself. I guess, from here on, you may have questions and comments ...OK. What say you?

Here it is some months later and boy, do I have news. I decided to come right out and be honest with my husband. Actually, it came out in a big fight we had over his having his fun on the side too. I know, I know....so here's the thing. He actually wanted to stay together. We worked it out, cried, yelled, but we worked it out. As far as the reasons why and who we cheated with, we are done with it for now. I told him that should we find ourselves drawn to another, that we should talk about it and be honest with each other. This has worked so far. Its like, the thrill of cheating has deminished so, there's more...I dunno. BUt its nice not to have things hanging over my head, no more skeletons in the closet. Ive found a new appreciation for my husband and its renewed our friendship.
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Wow I'm in the same boat but not as brave as yall

I like what you have to say. It sounds like you have have done well in keeping your other overs from your partners. Is this something you want to continue? Or are you trying to stop cheating? I think you are very exciting.

Hi Red, I read ya loud and clear! I don't mean a bit of harm, but I just love women and everything about them, so I've had the same "motivation" as you. I'm in Atlanta, you're in Atlanta. I tried to add ya, but can't, so would you want to add me? Let's chat a bit, see what happens. Thanks.

Oh, I'm not in atlanta anymore. I've moved to Orlando.

You used to be in Atlanta? Damn, too bad you had to leave. Do you have yahoo messenger by chance? We can have some hot chat at least, and i'll turn on my cam and let you watch me get all nice and hard looking at your pix.

You seem like a pro-cheat, could you give any advice to someone who is worried about being cheated on? What would have caught you? Did he just buy your lies every time you sold them?

go ahead cheat, but dont get involved with men who you know do not deserve it
go with the ones who are also serial cheaters..you find someone who can accept you for you, because they are the same

You're absolutely right! I learned the hard way, but I get it. There are two men I'm involved with regularly, one's married, the other is happily single but open to be my outlet for whatever, when I get time to play.