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I Cheat So Much Time And I Don't Want To Do This Anymore.

I started to have a boyfriend when I was in high school, i didn't fall in love to him because I had a crush he was 2 years gap on me,I broke up with my boyfriend just because i don't love him.But my crush could not attract me,and he don't try to become friends of me.. I try the first move to be his friend,we become friends and so on he became my boyfriend,but after a few months he cheated on me it was so hurt to me and i want to revenge in any boy that will become my boyfriend. So from then until now I don't know every time I got a boyfriend that truly dearly serious on me,I can't avoid cheating,in the first time relationship i will like him but in a couple of months i will feel bored and i started chatting any other man.. I never fall in love a truly love I haven't experience like that. And now i really want to be honest of my boyfriend now and to myself we are more than a year and i prove that he will do anything for me.. But lately he found out that i cheated him,we had a big fight and he wanted to that i will leave in his house.. I can't risk loosing him he understand me a lot about my life and everything he accept me as what I am.. I don't want to be a cheater on every man also especially to my self..
Hatred1990 Hatred1990 22-25, F 1 Response Nov 27, 2012

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its a good self realization, i hope you can work it out with him, just a word of advice, i wouldnt try to force it, i've been in and out of a relationship for 7yrs and we both have done some form of cheating, and i dont regret it now cause i could never picture myself with anyone else but back then i think about if i just let him be mad at me and break up with me, and if we were meant to be then we would get back together..instead of fighting all the time and not trusting eachother, its a vicious relationship to be in when you dont trust i hope you can pull through <3