2 Weeks And A Clash!

It's been too weeks since.. it feels longer because when you're upset the time slows dooown for some reason. There is no sign of the man, so hopefully he will stay as he is now .. which is not existent in my life. Myself and my partner had little bit of a tiff, a huge fight really, over my 'new' insecurities, and still had no sex encounter! which is prob good because I'm going for my blood tests next week, just to make sure! I know the guy was clean, but I still need to check myself before I make the next step.
Generally I feel much better, it was a mistake, a very stupid one, one that could and still can change my life completely, even tho I might not want it to change. A mistake that will never be repeated, and experience that will make me a better person in the future and probably a better partner.

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Dec 15, 2012