French Mistress

Got a job working at an office and it was a lot of hot older women with sexy butts it was this one french lady that starred at me all the time she was a forty yr old gym rat with no kids and a husband since i was the janitor i always had to go into the office and get her trash it was weird cuz she had such a sexy *** i used to get huge hard ons talking with her she wud flirt with me everyday and give me candy bars chocolate ofcourse.she said she liked chocolate alot iy was her favorite she said thsts why she liked me i told her i thought she was hot too snd she couldnt believe it she was delighted she asked me if i had a girl and i said yes and she said it dosent matter cuz she has a husband and it wont hurt if they dont know she asked me if i wanted to go to lunch at lunch time so we got sum fast food and after that i got a good surprise this hot older white french women wanted to suck my **** right in her truck shes so petite with little hands so my.thick black nine inch **** looked so massive in her hand and little mouth she told me she hadnt had a **** so big she gagged as she gave me the best **** sucking of my life she showed me the *** of her suite pants which was soaking wet with her ***** juicies she said that big **** ghas me wet as hell i will have to change before we go back to the office then she asked me sunthin where do u want to *** on me or u want me to swallow then i realized older women r much mote willing to satisfy a man i told her to swallow and she kept sucking till i blew a massive load she couldnt even swallow in one gulp then after she got it down she kissed the tip of my **** so softly with her soft lips and licked around that little mushroom groove on the penid head and i explode again it amazed me how this older hot women wanted to gobble my *** and her head gud id get really huge ***** we wud both be amazed by i luv hot horny older women then she wud go.back and have business meetings with my *** and **** on her breath we both used to get off on that
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Jan 13, 2013