I Was Cheated On

My parter cheated on me shortly after we met, and I didnt know but suspected. We had just met so I brushed it off as He wanted a relationship with me. 2 years on He was still sleeping with her, but He denies it, and will never confess. It breaks my heart that I have had to end it due to his lies. Also that there has been no answer why he did this. Has anyone any idea why he must have done this, promised the world to me yet kept up this other affair. She was half his age. She will have wanted kids and He didnt. What you persective on this. I am trying to move on but difficult as He says He wants me back one day, but He wont confess of His lies.
His exwife put him through years of hell for having an affair, and I think He feels if He confesses it will harm the relationship.
Can anyone help
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2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

I know, and very painful, when wont fess up. Has Bipola, and understand now why it happened. It is very sad for him, as He cant control himself on a high. I am well out of this situation. I will never have a relationship with anyone with a personality disorder again in my life, as all they do is lie

If he won't admit it, how do you know he has been having an affair for the past 2 years?

Was thinking the same thing but it is still a sad thing to have happen