I met this boy a while ago at school. he meant the world to me. I loved him. I lost my virginity to him and he broke up with me two days later. We got back together shortly after i had a suicide attempt. after that point the entire relationship felt very manipulating. He made me feel bad for not trusting him. He stood me up on my birthday, He made a big deal about me not spending it alone, i shouldn't have got my hopes up anyway, i had been looking foreword to seeing him all week. He took photos of me with out my consent. My parents kicked me out one night, so i spent the night at his house and i didnt want to have sex because i was on my period, he pressured me for half an hour until i cried, then he left to go see his friend. He talked me in to unsafe sex, saying things like "if anything happens ill take full responsibility, and ill help you threw it all". i had a pregnancy scare, He left. I got an internet boyfriend, and then he left me. im still with my internet boyfriend. i cant shake the feeling that im just evil. i feel horrible. I loved him. This whole thing sounds so stupid...
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Your not stupid :) I had to learn this lesson many times that some people will use you and feel no remorse. Protect yourself in the future by not caring for anyone more than they care for you. Btw not evil either.