Oh Boys (Final Update)

So I cheated on my current boyfriend twice so far. I have no regret for it.

Before summer i cheated with a guy i'll call "kimchee", and currently (today) with a guy I'll call "marzipan."

although i understand kimchee and i were just 'buddies,' i don't feel bad, and would probably talk to him again.
with marzipan, he's really cool and cute and treats me like a princess. AND his family is rich! i like him, but i see myself in a relationship with no way out. my current boyfriend loves to talk about marriage, but lately is very very jealous of my friends, when i go out, where i'm going and what time, and he even looked through my text messages without permission. although he has perfectly good reason to suspect i'm cheating, he told me he trusted me, and that should be good enough reason not to rummage through my private property, aside from the fact that its just plain rude.


Kimchee has come back from summer vacation, and seems repulsed by me, so I have completely discarded him.
Marzipan is becoming more and more a rock for me to stand on, and I'm always there for him as well.

I have released the bird that was my exboyfriend, but he is crushed and continues to badger me about getting back together, he has even gone to the point of asking for a purely sexual relationship to try and stay close to me, even though that's not what I want. I told him everything I felt, and hopefully we can stay friends.


I cheated on Marzipan once already with a guy I'll call Baron (however, we didn't have sex), and I've broken up with Marzipan. I'm beginning to understand that I get bored with people really easily, and that's why I cheat. Marzipan is also very immature, and kind of a spoiled mama's boy, so I had a hard time dealing with that while maintaing a serious relationship.

One night while we were all drinking, he showed off by drinking tussin out of a wine glass (Stupid!) and then drank half a beer. He proceeded to act like he was sick, then went outside, where I followed. He 'collapsed' on the ground and made me pick him up to go to bed in front of ALL our friends, which scared them and I still had to take care of everyone. So I walked a few people home, and broke up with him the next morning. I just really can't handle someone who will scare everyone and make me feel uncomfortable in order to gain attention like some kind of immature attention *****.

Anyway, on a side note, I'm still friends with the exboyfriend I started this story with. I haven't made up a cute nickname for him yet.



I had gotten back together with Marzipan before I left to live at home for a short while (during the holidays.) Sure enough, tensions arose from us being so far apart, and he was becoming clingy and needy. He even called me at a friend's house to see what I was doing. I don't know how he even got the number.

I met up with a really cute guy I'll call Mustang. He really likes cars and is funny. We both got really drunk at a party the other night, and I got a few hickeys. I won't go into detail, but I don't feel really any guilt.

Here's till next time, wish me luck.

 (Final Update)

My cheating has finally caught up with me. I had broken up with Marzipan to be with Mustang. I really thought things were looking up and i didnt have to cheat anymore. I broke up with Mustang to date a guy named Punk because i didnt want to cheat on him.

Mustang found out that while i was with him this spring, i was dating Marzipan, and now our trust has completely broken. He is going to tell Punk all about my bad habits.

I will never cheat again.


Something else: If you're going to comment, at least spell the words that are supposed to hurt me correctly.

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5 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Hun, with all due respect, perhaps you aren't meant to be in relationships at this point. I think you should just be single and free without having the hassles of getting into relationships.
And don't pay attention to the negativity out there.

Grow up you sophomoric, self-righteous little Bjork look-alike

*reads through*<br />
Hmm...<br />
Well, you probably expected this to get some mixed assessments. After all, it's about cheating. I've been cheated on in my first relationship; I'm probably biased, but it hurts a lot. I'm honestly rather surprised this ex of yours is still friends with you.<br />
It's also very brave of you for you to type this for all of the big, cruel internet to see. I'm impressed.

if he's still just your boyfriend, end it, and go have your fun, I wish I had more "fun" before I committed to marriage & family...now I'm stuck & still cheating

Don't inhibit yourself. Don't cheat just to do it, but don't be afraid to do it if you feel you can't help but not. I've cheated on my girl three times, and I don't feel guilty about it, because for me, it has nothing to do with her. I just really like having sex.