The "Best Friend"

I'm in my 30's, known my hubby since high school. I've also known my best friend "D" since Jr high. Well, my best bud is in the Military, has been since we finished high school. Every time he comes home on leave, we get together for drinks & BS about old times until...this last time: many drinks lead to us in bed together. This never happened in all the years we've been friends. But I love it, I feel 18 again, he is everything in bed my hubby is not. He is dominant, aggressive, kinda degrading, very forceful, it is a whole new world in bed. I kinda felt guilty at first but now I find myself counting the minutes till he returns so I can steal another roll in the sac with him. He don't want anything more & neither do I . I have a family & believe it or not I love my husband, but if after over 15 years I started asking him Hun, can you  pull my hair, choke me, slap me, force me to suck your ****,pin me down and rape me,  be degrading, and treat me like a filthy ***** you paid for, He would either look at me like I'm crazy, or instantly know I'm cheating....So for now, I guess I'm staying a cheater to satisfy my "urges".
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well as long as it's responsible and you're both getting enjoyment and it's just sex then I see no problem with it.

i hope he chokes you to death, ****..

Sad. When your husband finds out as he will some time I think your cozy world will come to a crashing end. I guess the thrill is in the secrecy and the taboo nature of the whole thing, however cheating can not be kept secret forever. Sometime or other he will see it in your eyes. Cheaters always leave tell tale signs. So think about it! Also consider the fact that if it was your husband who was cheating how would you feel? Not a pleasant thought I guess. So don't do to your husband what you would not want him to do to you.

When I met my girlfriend the sex we had was fun, and generally speaking pretty good. But as you can tell from that sentence, it wasn't "amazing" like I wanted it to be. 7.5 yrs later, she likes me to pull her hair, spank her hard, tell her what a naughty girl she is, **** her hard and in lots of different positions, do it in public places, anal, toys, and now mmf and mff ********** (with the mmf being about her watching me and a guy do things together in front of her by the way...) are being discussed as a possible thing we could try one day. <br />
7.5 yrs ago, none of this stuff was remotely part of our sex life. I was patient. We're getting married in August.<br />
Maybe stop cheating and learn the art of patience, be confident in your marriage and have some faith in your husband? He could be even better than D... Currently, you don't know...

Hi<br />
Just have fun!!! And great that u and your special friend know what u want - pure fun, so u r not hurting anybody... After all what r friends for ? ;-)<br />
Be very happy!!!

I know exactly what you mean about your desires. Its a tough spot to reconcile. You have to be the judge but if I were your husband I would want to know so I could come closer to giving my wife what she wants EVEN if it ment using another man for it. Don't pay any attention to "whocare248". We are all human and desire is very human.

Or just tell him that you LIKE being a filthy lil ***** cuz it eXXXcites you & feels good to be one, Esp since this is a Interracial extra marital affair - That's even filthier & naughtier & I KNOW you love sucking, ******* & being abused by that Big Black ****... That's all - Just Be Honest ;')

Your husband deserves better. You know that.

Your husband deserves better. You know that.

Tottles you are soo right! I Agree!!!!

It is awesome you found someone to bring that side of you out. I fully understand loving your spouse but having that exciting fling on the side.

I'm not here to judge, I found this website while looking for advice on what to do about my husband who has just confessed that he cheated four years ago over a 2 yr period. I used to think that maybe the sex wasn't good enough for him, but whenever he asked to try something i was always willing. i think im just as much a freak as you are but im still puzzled as to why he cheated. he says he didnt get enough attention, Sorry but i was in school!

ha ha ha ..damn this is my future....., and I thought I was the only girl who liked to be pinned down and "rapped" lol so nice to meet you ****** up person like myself =)

JEALOUS....I'll put it as simple as you!

I'm sorry but you are a *****,,can't put it any simpler than that.

I think that as long as you are getting satisfied by "D" (judging by the screaming and moaning he made you ***) you should continue having your fun time

I think in the bedroom other men that arnt white, like yours have a tendency to be aggressive. i might get in trouble for saying that but its just my opinion. i say you go girl, enjoy and i would but some dvd's that showed rough sex and see what he says. you can always say they gave you the wrong v=dvd. good luck and enjoy. Nick i think we are on the same page...

Well, have you really tried to bring it up to him? Go step by step with him: tell him to pull your hair one night and then a week later go a step further. Try ordering a **** for you two to watch or rent "The Secretary" or "Y tu Mama Tambien" then watch it as a couple. I bet everything will be gravy once you two start to put the kinks back in. <br />
<br />
My girlfriend and I started off with the basics, but since then we've tried anal, toys, etc. There's nothing that I've suggested that we haven't tried yet and believe me: we're both very happy. As far as the best friend: never do it again and you shouldn't tell your hubby. Or tell him, then let him use you like the filthy ***** you are!! ;)

I'm careful, we have "our thing" but it's always safe, especially because my hubby & I are white & "D" is definately not..LOL

I believe people are attracted to each other for different reasons. It's all sexual, but it isn't the same from person to person. You need what you need from "D". It wouldn't be the same with your husband. <br />
Do what you need to do - for you.

....sad the site is going down...but you'll be happy to know, 8 years later, I'm still with "D"

Wow, that sucks that your hubby wont do that for you.<br />
I have the opposite problem I want to do that to my gf but she wont let me.