What Have I Done!

Recently, I started getting really close to my best friends boyfriend and one night a few weeks ago he came over to my house because we just wanted to see each other, I didn't think anything would happen, but it did, we slept together. I told my friend that we had pulled and she went balistic, I couldn't tell her what had actually happened. A couple of weeks later she found out from various people and not surprisingly she won't talk to me. I have always been really jealous of her being the person that always gets boyfriends and has everything, and I think just the chance to be like her completely took over me. Everyone blames the whole thing on me though and not on her boyfriend, because everyone believes that he was really drunk at the time. I really want them to know he wasn't but at the same time I don't want to get him into trouble. Also he's cheated on her with another of her friends yet they still blame it all on me. I really don't know what to do I have lost all of my friends over a stupid thing and its horrible. Please don't leave any horrible comments I know what I've done and I regret it so much.
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I wish I could tell you something to make you feel better, but there is never a justifiable reason to do something like that. I am not throwing stones because I have been in similar situations ,and have been cheating on my significant other for years. Hurting someone so close to you (be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, or best friend) is awful for you BOTH.
There is nothing you can do except apologize, and accept the blame. No, you are not only to blame but I don't think getting defensive with help your situation.
Best of luck

look at the good side.something grew between the two of you. It wasenjoyable need.
Try to move on and enjoy life. It could be so many things that made this happen.I think you know. please enjoy life.

Don't be so attached to her boyfriend... he has the habit of using girls... reveal his true identity and keep your friend... you can get men anytime... and trust me, you don't want your friend's boyfriend... he's a known cheater...

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this clearly isnt a rape scam lol


If she is your best friend like you say , then tell her the truth of what happened , if she is a true friend she will understand , don't worry about getting him in trouble cause if he has done this with other friends of hers that means their not true friends cause they would have spoke up already to stop this jerk . Thank you Angela Johnson

I agree, learn from this and don't be so naive next time. I know you feel bad, but did you really think he was only coming over to talk? knowing that he had already cheated before with friends? <br />
I'm not trying to come down on you, I just want you to protect yourself. You're obviously paying for your actions, so I'm done preaching. :)<br />
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Don't protect this idiot, he doesn't sound like he's showing you the same respect. Drinking doesn't excuse anything anyway. <br />
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If your friend really matters to you, I agree that you should write her a letter. And see what happens. <br />
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Don't worry, everybody does a few things in life that they would like to take back. It will all blow over & he will probably do something else that will "out" his true persona. Be true to yourself and you'll be just fine.

Live, learn and forgive - including yourself...

Ease up on yourself and learn from it... it is hard and the lessons can be painful...but at the same time there are silver linings in every cloud...you just have to look for them and focus on that...<br />
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Heres one - he cheated on her twice that you know of...so he could be cheating with more girls than you know...thank your lucky stars he is not someone that you can trust to be a loyal and trustworthy friend let alone a long term boyfriend....<br />
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Hears another little gem....what you saw in your girlfriend about her getting all the guys? if that is the type of guy she attracts...thank God you are not attracting the same type of guy...this experience has just taught you that....<br />
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There are more of these fantastic lessons for you in this encounter...be grateful for the experience and move on with your life.... <br />
If you still want the girlfriend as your friend then send a sorry note and offer her your friendship for her to accept or refuse... if she refuses...bless her in your mind and set her free and be thankful for the friendship and good times you both had together...never focus on the negative as it eats the carrier...

Everyone makes mistakes. If you are sincerely sorry for what happened, then your true friends should, in time, find a way to forgive you. <br />
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I've been cheated on before, it stinks. But, I forgave him and to this day we still talk. Just give it a bit... if they are your true friends, I'm sure they'll come around. Especially if they know how regretful you are about doing this. Things happen, don't let it run you.