I am not a cheating wife. I am not even married. But knowing me, i know i will be one. And this makes me scared to get into any relationship
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Don't be scared. Sounds like your ideal man will be a Wittol. A man who agrees to his wife seeing other man and gets turned on by it. There are many such men out there!

I enjoy my wife cheating.

I enjoy my wife cheating.

There are ways of going about it to make sure your relationship lasts. Swinging, cuckolding, having an open relationship...find a guy on a swinging website. Then you know they'll be into the lifestyle, then all you have to do is adjust your particular relationship however you want. Just be honest. Dishonesty, more than cheating, is what tears apart relationships.

Lots of guys out here will tolerate and even encourage and participate! Problem? Finding one your age. IMHO.

So I just read this and made me feel really nervous and butterflies (as in this is so hot)
I encouraged my ex to go out and sleep with other men (long distance relationship) and she would call me the next day and tell me all about it, so nasty and dirty but such a turn on for me! We haven't been together for some yrs now and I still think about it, I've been with her a few times this yr even tho she has 2 kids to 2 different men but it doesn't worry me. It is so attractive!!!! Still looking for a like minded girl out there!

I knew thadd was a different kind of guy but i never would have thought kevin to be into this when i was watching xD

I dont think this is wrong at all i quite often enjoy thoughts back to the times my wife and i were not exclusive and being around while she was enjoying it.. Well if you love the person then isnt theyre happyness ( and ******) the best (sexiest) part?

Why are you so sure that you will cheat?

Try a open relationship/marriage

evntually i think thats what i will do

It's a brilliant idea to make it clear with your boyfriends that you're not exclusive

Just be up front with whomever you start have a relationship with....

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You do have some qualities as well, speaking the truth. Maybe you'll find someone soon for whom you can stay faithful

Cheating tapers off when they are truly loved. ..my ex never cheated while with me....He cheated in his past but never touched another woman with me, an old timer who knew him in the bars said he talked about me...nobody else

I'm not demanding or rude....so he stayed