My Story (i Want To Make Cheerleading Friends Here)

When i was 6 years old i started doing casual Cheerleading and as i got older i started to really enjoy it, so i joined my schools Cheerleading squad, but when i was 8 i moved schools and they didnt have a squad (It was really rare, i live in Australia) and i couldnt do it, i searched everyone, so for about a year i did my own cheerleading, i learnt the splitz and Scorpion and all that by youtube, i then searched for a more serious cheer squad - i found one and since then i've been doing cheerleading, i love it so much! It's my life <3
I'm in year 8 (Year 9 in 2013) so i'm 14 and 15 February 23. I really want to meet some Cheerleading friends because i have a really smale squad and we arent really friends so i want to make a friend/ friends that do cheerleading! <3

GinaAriaCheerGirl GinaAriaCheerGirl
13-15, F
Dec 14, 2012