My Chiari Story:)

I had been sick for a very long time:( Until Dr. Barnes found my Chiari:) I found out June of 2009 that I had Chiari Malformation:( With in two weeks I was having the decompression surgery. I was told that I was at 23mm. I had began chocking during the night. My headaches were so bad that I was throwing up everytime I ate:( My arms & legs were going numb:( I still have all of these symptoms:( They're just not as bad as before:) God has been so good to me:) My prayers are with all of you guys:) I know how hard life is now!!!
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I'm a 42 years old Hispanic Woman and was a career orientated working woman for 14 years serving the community in the social services and job placements. Furthermore, I was a part-time college student practically those 14 years to earned a bachelor degree. I'm also a mother of a 19 year daughter whom is attending her 1st semester in college. As you you can see, my life was full of appreciation of the accomplishments of my life. But it didn't come easily. I've noticed in 2010, I was feeling weak every day. I've gone to see my internal medicine doctor to tell him of my symptoms. He thoughts about doing the general check up. You know, draw blood to send to the lab. Alway the same feedback on the iron level, "check". The thyroid, " check" etc. My result were all normal. I believe perhaps, maybe doing a colonoscopy and endo. I have had that done too. "check" I've had some help, but nothing in short of a miracle. I was beginning to feel lethargic and getting numbness and tingling on my hands. My reputation in my job was spiraling because instead of given 100 percent, I'm certain, I was pushing incomprehensive 40 percent effort. My boss noticed. He suggested that I see a therapist. Could you believe it ? I can see it. He being a LMSW and could see my anxiety level going up the roof. I took his suggestion, I saw a neurologist to treat my anxiety. Eventually, I've asked her to treat me for my migraine which I've never was treated either. If you notice, I've been putting bandages all over my body, and not know it.

In 2011, I've suffer a car accident, my injury was a whip lash which aggravated my neck and shoulder. The pain was day and night and I my migraine had worsen. I missed work. I felt disabled. I went to see the chiropractor and he suggested an MRI. Thats when I discover I have deformity called Chiari Malformation where my cranial was compressing my spine and basically pinching my nerves. The car accident aggravated that area in which in could have been a fatal blow. I was refer to Dr. Fiore, Neurosurgeon, Ons, Greenwich, Ct and he treated me and performed surgery. The surgery was imperative for long life and release some of the pain. Obviously, nothing comes easily and as you said, " Life is Hard". But you and I know that life is worth living and God Almighty Have giving us this test give this message to others. The surgery was painful and the time for recovery can take long and challenging time. However, try to cope with and hang in there and ask God to be there for you. I asked Jesus to give me strength and I take comfort when I pray and under my breath I asked"Jesus,remember when you felt pain on the cross and God turn away from you,Jesus?" This was so that Jesus, My Lord, could feel the sins and pain of the world. I found comfort.

I under my breath I said, " Jesus, I remember when You, Jesus, said, " father, why you have abandoned me.." Well, we all know the answer to that God doesn't abandoned even through our trials and tribulation and in our congenital disorder painful as it may come one thing you must remember. Be strong and have faith, have love and have God heart :0)

I have never heard of this and hope that you are on the way to regaining your health. That you finally found a doctor and a diagnosis is the first step in regaining your healthy life. Blessings and best wishes,D.

My thoughts & prayers are with you:) I know how hard this must be on you:( I know before I found out that I had Chiari I was going to so many doctors:( I so thankful that Dr. Barnes found out what was wrong with me:) I went back to my Dr. yesterday & he told me that my brain had fallen again:( Right now I'm at 1.8cm:( It's a struggle EVERYDAY:( I can only pray that things will get better for me, you & everyone else that struggles with this disease:) <br />
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Have they told you what cm you are? What symptoms are you having?

Hello I hope it just takes 2 weeks for me to get in and out for help.I have waited over 5yrs knowing I needed help but couldn't find anyone that knew what it was or that it was serious.Doctors don't really know about ACM.