I Have A Type I Chiari And I Refuse To Give Up Hope

Hii, my name is Taylor and I was diagnosed with a type I chiari and a tethered spinal cord in October of 2012. All my life I have had trouble with my balance, my bowels, my bladder, swallowing, my vision, losing feeling to my hands and feet, fatigue, vertigo, complete loss of feeling in my lower back, and not to mention those wonderful headaches I get daily. I recently had the detethering surgery of my spinal cord and in 6 weeks I find out when my decompression surgery is. Everyday is a struggle but I always have a smile on my face regardless of the pain. I am a fighter and I won't give up
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Hello my name is Abbie and in 3 weeks I'm undergoing Chiari melformation and soooooo scared and nobody to talk to that understands what we go through!!!

hi taylor. i have a daughter named taylor who is 24 years old. she just had decompression surgery last week. she did not have the tethered cord issue....as if the chiari isn't enough??? :):) she had the surgery on thursday and was home on sunday. i will try to keep you posted on her recovery. her symptoms were headaches from the time she was about 12....almost every day. about 9 months ago she started passing out several times a week. because of that ... she couldn't drive...so getting rides to her college classes and to work was a real pain...but she did it. she has had the numbness and tingling in the last year or so and just recently started losing her balance continually. she has had other symptoms that are too many to mention but nothing severe.
i have chiari also...but my symptoms have not gotten to the point that i can't function in my daily work or home life. i would probably say my double vision is the most frustrating for me...but i'm getting by. since i'm 55....i think i won't be doing the surgery unless something changes dramatically for me.

i wish you well:)


I really admire your strength and courage, Taylor, you are indeed a great fighter and I wish you success in your next surgery and many blessings in your life as you so richly deserve :)