Chiari Malformation And Syringomyelia Help

I was just diagnosed on 1/18/2013 with chiari and syringomyelia. I have a lot of common symptoms. I have since childhood but always was told it was in my head. im in the process of seeing a chiari specialist but untill then i have a few questions i was hoping some one might be able to answer. my whole childhood I've had many symptoms but was wondering if these are also part of chiari. I always had to take cold showers because if It was to hot i would get very dizzy,nauseous ,headache and have to sit for 10-15 minutes untill i could get out. I wouldn't last more than 5 minutes in a hot bath ive never been able to take baths as i get the same feeling. Also Whenever I use a hot pack it gives me the same feeling. Recently before I was told i had chiari and syringomyelia i was going to the chiropractor and he would put big heat packs across my back and they didnt feel that hot at first but everytime he used them i would get so sick with the dizziness feel like im about to pass out tunnel vision horrible nausea just a terrible feeling all together Is this part of the chiari or syrinx? Another big issue I guess would be that I have always since I could remember have this protruding lump at the left base of my skull seeming to match where the chiari shows on an mri. Usually its about the size of a dime but at times grows to be the size of a quarter probably bigger.Today while putting my son to bed thinking of all the things that match up with this I decided to feel if he had any sort of bump there and there was nothing and then I seen if my fiancee hada bump to see if this was normal and he didnt have one. I showed him the bump that I have(which is acting up at the moment) and an mri of chiari and he agreed this wasn't normal. Does anyone know what this huge lump that grows is on the base of my skull is? could it be from the chiari?
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I bet it's cerebral spinal fluid...building up and then releasing .get it checked.