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I grew up in a very religious home--one actually very similar to "Amish."  My parents had belonged to a group similar to them, but them built their own religion from there.  They used this "Amish" lifestyle as a cover and protection to keep people from getting too close to them and to keep them from seeing what was really going on behind the scenes.  I was emotionally tortured beginning as young as I can remember.  They kept us children extremely isolated--even home-schooling us--so we had no friends or real connection to the outside world.  The outside world was an evil place and we were brain-washed constantly with how the world would end.  The power of my parent's control was amazing.  It was exactly like a one-family cult.  We lived on a farm and I was worked like a dog, never allowed any freedom. No emotion was ever dared expressed.  At age 12,  I was forced into a "Amish" uniform dress--which isolated me even more.  It was a world of mixed messages.  I died inside a million times over to survive.  I wanted to commit suicide because I had long concluded that hell (where I thought I'd go) could not be any worse than what I was going through.  Since my parents were extremely religious, I could not see that they could be wrong so I just contributed everything that I couldn't't understand, and the pain and agony to the fact that I couldn't't ever seem to please God or be right enough with Him.  I had no outlet what so ever--to a point most people cannot comprehend.  The only "friends" that I had was a few goats.  My parents literally killed and butchered  with their own hands the goat I loved the most then tried to make me eat the meat and watch them eat it.  They made us watch extremely graphic, unedited war movies, and movies about the concentration camps with the message that that was what our future would be like in the world.  My parents fought violently and I thought that my father would kill my mother.  I was the oldest and always had plans of shacks I'd seen along the road where I would take my brothers and sisters to survive if our mother died.  It never crossed my mind then to approach anyone from "the world."  I learned never to cry, and I still can rarely cry today even though I feel like I desperately need to.  So much more happened than I can write in one setting, but finally at age 17 my parents allowed me to go to college (my first experience in a public education setting in my life) because my dad wanted to go to college, too,  and I guess they felt like they could keep close tabs on me.   However, I was in so much agony inside, especially seeing my first taste of the outside world, that I took the incredibly brave step of secretly meeting with a college counselor.  That was a huge deal because counselors ranked up their with Satan in my parent's eyes and that is what we were brainwashed with.  I owe my life to that counselor because I was suicidal.  He literally forced/helped me escape my parents--that all happened in one day.  I left home with nothing to my name--and joined a world I knew almost nothing about!  That was a terrifying traumatic event.  I managed to survive, got married, had children, and had to learn about life the hard way.  I had to deal with the effects of the abuse the best I could along the way.  I had some help that God put in my way.   I only saw that counselor once again shortly after he helped leave home.  Later I heard that he had moved out of state and I never knew where.  I thought many times about him over the years, wondering what happened to him and wished that I could thank him and let him know the impact he had on my life. That was 26 years ago.  I work in an ER now, and a few months ago,  I got the shock of my life.  Something that could never be planned in a million years.  I just happened to notice a female patient with the same last name of that counselor.  I didn't't think much of it because there was just no chance--and besides it was a woman.  A couple of hours later when I was less busy, it crossed my mind again.  I then saw to my complete shock that her husband's name was indeed the counselor's first name.  My heart began to pound so hard I could hardly breath.  I decided to just walk by the room casually to see if I could recognize him after all these years.  I about came unglued when I saw him.  I was a basket case.  I walked up to him and told him my name and he knew me right away.  He had been across the country over the years and had finally moved back to the area.  He was very happy to see me, too, and we exchanged addresses so as to not loose touch again.  That night when I drove home from work, I was crying so hard that I could hardly drive because as incredibly good it was to see him, it also triggered the realization that Yes, all that really did happen to me.  He was the evidence.  He has long since retired.   Now we have become very close friends, and I see him every week and as friends he is helping me deal again with some of the effects of the abuse.  This is a short version of my story.  I would love feed back.  I am new to this site. 

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Some of what you wrote about is very similar to how I was raised. I was also in a cult like group and had next to no friends, was homeschooled and cut off from the outside world.

Thanks for sharing. I had an eerily similar upbringing. How long does it take for you to stop making your spouses life miserable? I have been in counseling for over a year......

Hi RonDaMan

I personally think that your friend is posting here to share his personal view about the evil cult

If you were to read up the post of the letter of expulsion from you can felt that its such a harassment, disgrace and intimidated he could be. The entire YouTube video with your friend photo was there to discredit him.

If you're truly a friend you should email Mak the sex pervert and the ***** Lau to remove these posting and video, instead of barging in here to claim credit.

Didn't you read the letter nothing is FREE Mak is charging CAD14,000 for some stupid altar installation. What a con.

For your info this is a PTSD website for survivors like us, not cult members like you to defend your organization.

@Derekma, @Andycraid, @Ivan1983 Do not discredit my real friend Derek who is my real person friend and he does not eat any of those medicine or care about Tin Yat Lineage. You have no idea how much goodies and freebie he got from those two people.But the point is don't go using my friend name to discredit other people you do not like. You can make up other people name or a nick name but don't go around using my friends name. Plus please be respect to the author here, she is sharing her story!!!! is a scam website operated by Mak Jo Si they are a Cult that claim he's the only real Taoist Religion even the original teachings from china can't even compare to them!

They think by bad mouthing every other religion out there is a virtue, and debunking millions of Taoist worship Mazu, Kuan Kong, etc deity as scam, fraud is just your own personal opinion.

Then what makes your Tin Yat lineage believable because you say so? Yours is more questionable you don't even have a history or lineage and you dare claim you're superior than others.

We understand you are trying to make a quick bucks out of naive Caucasians but we are also not as stupid as you think we are, we do our own research.

Your self promotions and bad mouthing other religion is already bad enough to show your real attributes and quality you don't deserves to be call a Master less alone a Celestial Master isn't it too lofty for a title to be conferred to a scam artist.

As PT Barnum says every sucker is born every minute.

Hope no sucker will fall for your self induced cult. Stay away people see the damages he cause to his own student. He's so abusive the way he treats even his student what good qualities does he possess then?

Derek hope you recover from the ordeal soon. It's really awful Mak Jo Si of Tin Yat Lineage cult had done to you.

I went to their website I'm not at least impressed but find it disgusting this is definitely a cult look at the weapons displayed on their altar no sane religion would go that extend.

The cult members are so young and naive you can see their altar totally unacceptable. There's so much anger and hatred in them I saw the YouTube video by this young cult member Tian Gong debunking super kumanthong.

This could be the next most destructive cult they have weapons ie tao blade, katana, etc which I find it scary to be handled by young cult members.

I just couldn't believe when I saw the photos of Lau Jo Shi the teenage runaway that is now being used by the founder Mak Jo Shi as a sex toy.
From the photo she looks like a guy are you certain she a he or a she? Transvestite? Doesn't she knows that she had been sexually abuse.

What is happening people why can't there be only mainstream religion like the good old days of our forefathers?

We are coming to the age where all these evil cults appears ie Davidian cult, Aum Shrinrikyo sarin gas attack.

Thank you for your inspiring story.

This happen in 2007 I was cheated by Mak Jo Shi (Mak Ching Yuen) for installing an ancestral altar costing me CAD17954. I was forced to work for them in their center, they were in control of my time. And would call me several times a day if I dont show up.

At that time they convinced me to install it and was told that I can pay in installment. He would tell me Pay later you are now our student no hurry. They had several website chiinnature
Is the main one.

It was all a lie and scam, Mak Jo Shi is a scam, liar, a sex predator and a cheat he will charge client very high fee for service. They know nothing but take advantage of people. His talisman are copied from his collection of taoist book from other authors. Some are created by himself. He is so lazy that when client ask for talisman he will ask student to make talisman.

I was expelled from their organization just because I need more time for myself to think also they begin to find that I'm not able to pay, also I dont take their command. I think the main reason I was expelled, caught Mak Jo Shi having sex with Lau Jo Shi (Co Founder of Chiinnature) I sympathize her as she was a run away child she was barely 17 when she ran away, very unfortunate she went to Mak Jo Shi for shelter and food. As a teenager she had no one that can help her, Mak found her and use her to satisfy his sexual urge. Its not the first time there were having sex in the residential unit. Most student knew but they just choose to ignore it. Most of them are so delusional.

They posted on their website to expel me and also a YouTube video that had my photos on it to embarrass and intimidate me. I attached the letter of expulsion. My employer and friends found these letter I was so depressed at that time I wanted to kill my self.

I'm just so glad I was expel I finally get my life back, they were controlling my daily life. Like all cult they prey on younger members which are more easy to convince. Stay away from this cult.

I had reported them to the Canadian Criminal Intelligence they are watching all their activity. It's just a matter of time they will be shut down for good. Stay away people this is a real cult read about the letter they post about me. On one of the rules 7) Respect Taoism and worship the deities. Tin Yat Lineage does not respect Taoism just see Mak Jo Shi insult and debunk other Taoist out there with his knife demo and read about his posting about Kuan Kong deity, all Taoist worship he condemn this god as he says not worthy same goes for Jesus and Moslem which he says are all evil.

I think Mak Jo Shi breaks most all the rules which he made up. How can we trust this people who lie.

I'm on medication now to treat my PTSD after the ordeal I go through, I still have persistent headache, insomnia and at times felt like throwing up (Vomit), the stress and humiliation I went through was so damaging even after years. I'm taking Zoloft (Insomnia) and Prazosin for my nightmares.

it kind of hurt reading this. i too have similar upbringing. i remember when i was 18 i got out of there as fast as i could away from the cult..It felt like i was the only sane one of the bunch. but despite what happened i never actually hated God. i am so glad u made it out alive and not brainwashed. thanks for writing this!

Your story is soooo similar to my own upbringing, it's really uncanny. I hope it brings you some comfort to know that you are not alone. You are brave for sharing, thank you.

Thank you so much! You are so right about how just a few moments can change someone's life!

I am so sorry for the pain you suffered as a child. It seems that we all have a story to tell. Thank goodness for the Experience Project!!! Our childhool has so much impact on our adult lives. It is sad when we get so involved with ourselves that we forget that what we do, how we react, and they way we relate has a profound impact on our children and everyone else in our lives. Even a chance meeting, a two minute talk in the aisle of a grocery store can make profound changes in another person's life. I hope you eventually find the peace that you are looking for and any time you just want to talk just let me know.

Thank you so much for reading my story and commenting!

Your life story made me cry. From reading about your life I could picture it in my mind. I also grew up in a very religious family, (old school Catholic) my parents kept us very secluded. We went to school and Church but were not allowed to talk to or make friends with others. it's hard and terrifing to brake free and leave everything behind. I am so glad you had the curage to do so. May God bless you and yours!

Thank you for taking the time to read it!

What an amazing way that you shared your experience

You're very welcome. Stay strong and know that you have people on EP that care about you :)

Thank you very much, Aydasha5! I appreciate your comments and the time you took to read my story. Feedback means so much!

Your story is incredible and I am so happy that you were able to have a life of your own that you love :). Write me if you'd like to.

Thank you so, so much!!!!

Your story...I do not want to call it a story because it makes it seem unreal or made up. Your memories are felt through my heart. You are so brave and strong. I am happy inside knowing you are on a life journey. Our lives are just beginning to be lived.