It Was My Mother and Many Others

grew up in a home of crazyness awats wanted a life without all that mess no drugs or beating for my children wanted something better for them  well after all the years i tried my kids did not have it as bad as i did but the man i chose did choose to go to the other side in secret for a long time but then it came out like it always does so we ended up in pain anyway. 
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forward and all my poetry but it says otherwise. lol

understand very well in some ways i was a little lucky as i was rescued byt a friends mother and take away from the pain fora few years<br />
but the pain still come back plus i have to deal with not being ably to say good bye to them when they died as i was servivng my country when they shoot us down killing 13 out of 15 on the plane<br />
all it would have taken was one person doing there job to cehck and see if my mother had a visit the day before and some one to check on my status and she may have lived a littlelonger

Stay strong is what I have been noticing. You sound like you know what you want out of life and made a bad choice. Men dont come with hand books and some are pretty skeezy. Keep your chin up and don't forget how strong you really are :-)

Men are sleezy. I know because I am one. But the true scum of the earth are the men who ******* beat women and kids! If I was a cop I would shoot everylast one of those bastards

Thanks for sharing. What is the 'the other side' that your man went to? You mean he started abusing too? That must have broke your heart after you swore to make things better.

I too grew up (well sort of lol) with a mad woman, amazing I survived at all really. Wrote a verse about it - says it all really.

Looks like you made this post a long time ago- but thank you for it.