For Me...

I have already posted my story here once as ForgottenAngel,  I can't do that again, Its supposed to get easier every time you talk or write about it, but the whole thing still sickens me to think about it for to long. I'm writing this cause I'm going back there close to where it all happened in just a few weeks and the stress is making me sick, I have really bad migraines now that I just got on medication for, this along with the gifts that sick **** gave me. A pinched nerve in my spine and a damaged Kidney, still I am going , still he will not win or break me. I have been told by some really sweet friends just don't go problem solved, and yes that would make sense, why put yourself through all this. Well the answer although simple is quite complicated, I will not let him take anything else from me, the beautiful memories I will be creating with my daughter to replace the ugliness that he embedded into my mind, That is one of the most important reason to go... For 9 years that sick man controlled me with fear, and pain, and he can't anymore...
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

here is somthing to think about, Did you know you couldmmake your dreams come true? Like falling inlove, becomming rich and if you really believe in yourself, you'd be suprised by what you could do

vanity the stories you ahve written failed to mention one thing, thats the courage you showed to move ahead in life and its goingh to take the same kind of courage to do what you need to take care of, what you went through is a night mare and I didn't say was becasue it still haunts you. I am always with you spriritually if that helps