12years Of Childhood Stolen Away

my stepdad started abusing me at 4years old and it went on until i was 16years old, i got drunk and told a friend, it was like a release of pain, but she rang the police and i was taken to hospital my mum was called, she took me home and told me i was lying and was a twisted nasty girl, i never pressed charges as i had already broken my mums heart, and now i live on my own and my mum crosses the street if she sees me!
scaredgirlinside scaredgirlinside
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4 Responses Aug 1, 2010

May God give you healing.

She will...I am sure she will one day....never give up that hope....i wish you well...x :)

thkyou fo the lovely comments... i do understand why my mu doesnt believe me, i hope though one day she can atleast bring herself to say hello, i will always love my mum even through this xx

This is so sad and tragic. Sometimes love can be so blinding, it sounds like your mum loves him too much to be able to see him doing something like this. But oneday she will see and she will be By your side saying sorry and tryin her hardest to make it up to you. Dont shrug her off though. Because she is your mum and she will feel like such a terrible person when she realises the truth. And your friend did the right thing, trying to set you on the footpath to justice and to get you away from it. Now all you can do is take what has happened and realise that you will be able to deal with so many hard life experiences much easier because this has happened to you. You have gone through one of the toughest things a child could but now what ever life has to throw at you wont be so hard as it would seem for others that havent gone through something as hard. You can look back and say hey I survived such a terrible thing- good girl, so many other girls would ruin themselves on drugs or alcohol even report to suicide but you are doing the right thing by talkin about it. X