male Abuse survivor,

A lot of females do post there hells, but very few males. I was hit a lot, crossdressed.  sexual abuse by a number of people over the years that. I was trap with my mother and did not what a normal life was like, due to my abuse and things that have happen. My mind, made it all come back to me. I got help at one point, but it just help me live with it. But not a lot of the feelings, that it left in me, which my therapist at the time, said go with to cut down on my depression, so I could help my sick wife. Who is better now, but it has left me different in my way of life and the dreams and flash backs still come. I now try and live my life as good as I can. But nothing, is easy and I do not have friends. My wife works a lot more than me know, then she can get over time. So I am a lone a lot and that not a good place to be, for any of us. Any one like to chat, e-mail me
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Thank you, very much for your comments, I feel like the sun as come out, after days of rain

I'm so sad for you that you had to go through such a terrible childhood. Remember to notice the good things you have in your life now. Maybe you don't have friends right now but you do have something more precious than the purest gold, more rare and desirable than the brightest diamond. You have life! You can sense, you can think, and you can reason. You can make decisions and then act on them. You can make a difference, no matter waht. Even if you were to lose everything else, you would still retain the ability to become the person you decide to become and to live in the way you have determined to live. At times it may seem that the whole world is against you but that assessment is based on past history, and the past does not equal the future. A positive outlook is very important in overcoming emotional obstacles. See for more inspirational thoughts. A new thought is posted everyday. It has helped me very much in my struggles. I highly recommend it. Sending caring thoughts your way!

You aren't, it just takes a bit for everyone to catch up with new stories :).

I feel alone, one comment, maybe I am alone

You're not alone. You have us :). I'm sorry you've been through so much, nothing will truly help heal you and you'll always remember the bad memories. I hope you can get to a place in your life that you can be happy knowing that you have survived it and that your abuse did not defeat you *hugs tight*. I wish you the best!<br />
With Love,<br />