Something Thats Runs Through My Head.

The body remembers what the mind hides.
The mind hides what the scars are from.
The scars are from what should be forgotten.

I look at my scars from my childhood and this little phrase runs through my head. i don't know where I heard this from or if I made it up. But this just keeps going around and around in my head.
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3 Responses Aug 6, 2010

The scars can be soo deep. Sometimes there is no getting around that there was def. abuse going on. I think there was in your case. Get back to me. K? There are greater tomorrows. I promise.

Thanks. I know what kind of abuse I've been through. Mental, physical, sexual. It not news to me. Its just this phrase pops in my head if I try to remember where a scar came from.

This little verse is so true. Your body will remember before your mind is willing to accept what happened. The scars are hidden because they are internal for me. <br />
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If you were abused there are some other tell-tale signs like: insomnia, hypersentivity to loud noises, sometimes disassociation (this feels like you are not really in your own body-you feel outside yourself), sex is sometimes real hard for you or maybe it's the opposite and sex is addictive for you, you may use drugs or alcohol to relax or forget, flashbacks, night terrors, feelings of suffocation, anxiety or extreme nervousness around certain people, unexplained rage, depression, eating disorders like bulimia, or overeating, feelings of gagging, and body memories.<br />
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There might be more symptoms of sexual abuse. These are just some of the things I experienced.<br />
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