This is just an accumulation of poems I have written over the past year or so...

Daddy's Love

So young,

So innocent,

So fragile,

So small.

So dark,

So scared,

So cold,

So alone.

The smell of poison

The hard touch of a hand

The love of a father

Too much to stand

“Be still”
“Be quiet”

“I love you”

“Don’t tell”

“But Daddy

It huts!”

“Please baby,

Don’t yell.”

So young,

So innocent,

So fragile,

So small.

He left her there

Curled up in a ball

Broken to pieces

Afraid of her home.

So dark,

So scared,

So cold,

So alone.

Little Tears

Little tears were cried as her father left her room.

Little tears were cried as she blocked out the fresh wound.

As she held her teddy close, crying soft little tears in the night

She prayed for hope, and wanted daylight.

Yelling for her mommy to come to her side and dry her little tears

But no one ever came and she felt alone with all her fears.

Seeing how her daddy didn’t love her mommy no more

“Did I do this?” she thought “I shouldn’t have been born.”

Her daddy came again and again through the years

Looking for comfort and leaving her with little tears.

No one ever coming to hold her like a daughter and not a lover

She prayed for the day that this would all be over.

“Everything was fine until I was born.

Mommy and Daddy had loved each other.” She could have sworn.

But now her daddy loved her, and used her like a *****

He came stealth into the night, and stayed until he wanted no more.

He left me broken and scared, afraid of the night

Left me alone and crying those little tears of fright.

Curls Up in a Ball...

curls up in a ball and cries
cries for a reason why
cries out for help, but no one comes
curls up in a ball and cries

cries for a reason why
why me, why now
why can't this pain die
cries for a reason why

cries out for help, but no one comes
no one, but the rising sun
no one to help with all the pain
cries out for help, but no one comes

curls up in a ball and dies
dies a little inside
each time you leave her side
curls up in a ball and dies.

I hate you dad, for everything that you made me feel after you left me alone and hurt at night. I hate you for everything you continue to put me through; for taking away my family and for hurting me so much.
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you are such a good writer...I'm sorry for your experiences but It seems like you've come out on top and become a stronger person...I wish you the best :)

I know what you mean...we'll save them all one day, but the world isn't ready for that change yet.<br />
<br />
I have never watched Joyce Meyer, I'll have to look her up :). <br />
<br />
Thanks love *hugs tight* God bless you as well!

I am sooooo sorry......It just kills me to know that this happens all the time to millions of children, even at this moment. So glad God created hell so that if they do not repent, in the end these abusers will recieve their judgement. Have you ever watched Joyce Meyer on TV, she is an abuse survivor also? I am sure you can help many children and adults who have had the same childhood trauma. God bless you Aydasha5!!!!

You are welcome.

Good, that's what I'm here for *hugs*

Don't cry for me hun. You should know by now that I don't like people crying for me. *hugs*

Thank you very much.

This is very beautiful. I am sorry you are a survivor of abuse but I am so pleased that you have the courage to speak out.



Very true. Which is why I haven't given up on life yet :). Thank you.

not here to shower sympathy ..... just want to let you know - every rose has a thorn, but then every night has its dawn

I'm sorry. *hugs* Thank you for reading.

made me cry....thank you:')

*nods*I agree 100%. If there were no abuse in this world, I believe things would be nearly perfect. Though, that's impossible to think about considering the fact that there's a war going on and there are people being abused, raped, neglected, and hit everyday.

Don't cry *hugs tight* it's okay, I promise. It's better for me express what I feel through words than not express them at all.

I would love that too actually, but I need him alive still I think...

ok... dear can u tell whr u daddy live...coz i think he LOVE my ba<x>seball bat in his head...i m sry i said this...but i hate..i hate ...i hate..i hate..and i hate those who abuse female...

Don't be, it is in the past and I am healing, be happy for me. *hugs tight*

*hugs tights* Be strong

*hugs* :)

Thanks so much! :) *hugs!*

*hugs back* Thanks.

*hugs* don't be sad.