I Was Raped

When I was 6 years old I was raped. It was the scariest thing in my life.

Here is my story......

I was hanging out with my older sister and he bf at the time called her and said come over to my appartment.
So we did and my sister and her bf went to go see a movie and I heard the door open so I ran upstairs to hide because I was scared.
So I hid under the bed and when he came in I sneezed and I was like oh **** I'm dead.
And he pulled me from under the bed and I screamed and kicked and did everything that I could but I wasn't strong enough to fight him.
He hand cuffed me or tied me up with some rope I don't really remember but after that he pulled off my clothes and started to kiss me and he took off his clothes and I didn't know what to do so I layed there and started to cry and he said only "******* can cry" So I was still crying nothing would change my mind. So when he was naked to started to rape me. The only way that it didnt hurt was to think of my mom. And after he was dopne he went downstairs to go do something that I didn't care about as long as he left me alone I was fine. But I was hurting really bad so I kept on crying and I heard someone come inside and I screamed and yelled as loud as I could and I seen this guy that was maybe 20 or so he looked at the guy that raped me and punched him really hard and the guy that was maybe 20 untied me and said are yu ok? And I was scared to say anything to him. So he grabbed my clothes and helped me put them on because I was shaking like crazy. And he got me in his truck and I passed out and I remember being at home with my sister and her bf and they didn't know what happened so they were scared and the guy that was 20 stayed till I felt better. And he left and then came the scary part. Whenever I close my eyes and it still happens I see the guy that raped me. And thats the scariest thing that happend in my life.
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ok thanks :) *hugs to you to*

yeah it was scary i wish it never happened

*hugs you tight* I'm very sorry for what you had to experience and for what you have to remember. I certainly hope that you have sought out the help of a professional, or at least have tried to talk to a friend, adult, or someone. It wasn't your fault that anything happened and I'm certainly thankful that that 20 year old guy came in and protected you and helped you get away. I'm here if you ever want to talk. <br />
With Love,<br />

yeah its ok i guess it was a long time ago i still have nightmaares about it all the time it was a really scary thing in my life.

yeah i might not tell the police it was a really long time ago

Ughh! Sorry!

if you can manage to say this to the police that guy would be in jail.