My Life At 4 Years Old

when i was 4 years of age my mother was dating this one guy named Damon. he used to be an alcholic and drink all the time. When i was litle i would do things to get in trouble yet most kids do that but then i would get hit with the belt by my mom but who doesnt do that?..Well my mom yused to go to work and her boyfriend at the time would come down stairs after she leaves to work and beat me. he wud take me upstairs and put me into a laundry bag on top of the bed and then jump on the bed heavily until i fell off and hurty myself several times, once my head. i used to take piediasure the drink everyday and forst me to drink it all at once and if i threw up i had to keep drinking it...he would also run my hand in steaming hot water until my skin burned off my mom would put gaws on my hands and ointment.she asked what happened i would say water so she alredy thot hot water her asking me did i do put hot water i say yes..if i never obbeyed what he said i would get beat with the belt..he wud make me pull my pants down and beat me over and ova were i was screamin crying and wanted to stay at the neighbors house wen we went over there while my mom was at work. one day we had no hot water so she was giveing me a sponge bath and noticed the bruses all over my butt and im sure she suspected it was him already, he used to suffercate me, his hand over my mouth and nose and i screamed and cried and he watched and never stoped till about a few minutes later..i went up north to visit my family in MA and wen it was time to go back i screamed and cried i didnt want to go back and they asked why, i didnt say nuthing then asked questions about damon and found out everything that happened and told my mom so i stayed up north for a little while then went home and he wasnt there because we moved with my grandmother, my father was told by my aunt natasha in MA then he was furrius and wanted to kill him.. but hes out now today.. and hasn't done anything so far/yet..
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I was three when my stepfather started hitting me.he started bye pulling my hair then he started slapping me with his hand then he sarted hitting me with a belt or anything he could grab my mom wouldnt say anything cause if she did she would get beat up i tryed to keep my distance but he would find something wrong and hit me for it.....i do not get hit no more cause i spoke out my mother is still with him but i seemed to moved on and be happy for once:) IM A SURVIVOR!!!!