My Mother Let A Man Rape Me When I Was 10 Years Old

When I was born my parents were in the process of getting a divorce. It wasnt long before my mother found someone else to take my fathers place. The knew man named Paul was in my mothers life for about 13 years total before they finally broke up.
Paul had more than one girlfriend, I guess you could say he was a pimp... By the time i was 9 years old i had changed skewls atleast 8 times. When i turned 10 for some reason we all up and moved to Las Vegas Nevada. I never could understand why. Now that I'm older I get the picture. You see.... Everyone around me and the people i grew up around all did drugs. Im not talking about JUST marijuana. There was crack, cocaine, Meth, Heroine, and a lot of alcohal abuse. It was painful watching my mother do this to her self. Eventually she was so far gone she forgot about me... It was christmas eve in Las Vegas. My mom was prostituting at this time and on this night she made alot of money and all my mother wanted was to buy some more drugs. Paul her boyfriend said that if she wanted any crack, that she would have to let him have sex with me. Sadly she did. My mother woke me out of a dead sleep around 3am and pulled my underwhere down and said "this is for my own good" Everything happend so fast. Paul covered my mouth so no one could here me scream...and my mother watched him have his way with me :'( Its still a nightmare to me to this day. To the girls my age, please be careful and dont let anyone take advantage of you. Your life is YOUR life and should never be taken from you.
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sorry that happen to you. do you have nightmares of that night? What ever happen to your mom and paul?


You're sick as ****.

That is gross how could a mom do that for crack

I am really sorry there was no one there at the time for you to talk to and protect you. I know how I would feel if somebody forced me to do it. Good luck in your life.

I am so sorry and I am ten so I will be careful thx

Your just a child. Your caring. Are you being abused? Does anyone hold or tie your arms behind your back then punch you in your stomach?

Im so sorry you had to go through that

I wish I was the guy who raped you. I'd would have ****** that tight young ***** good.

I would Looove to bite your penis off, bend you over and shove it up you azz. Would you have punched her in her belly as well?

This is really horrible.

This story made me so hrny

Would you prefer to have your arms held behind your back then be punched repeatedly in your lower belly and belly button, jabbed in each breast and popped in your pubic bone until you submitted. Would you prefer to be tied spread eagle so he could violently finger f you until you became moist then aggressively rape you? Would you prefer to be in your hands and spread knees and be bred like a dog?

Ur turning me on

You never said your preference. Have you ever been punched in your belly hard enough to drop you to your knees then be forced to oral on a 10" x 2" male? His thing will taste nasty and his stuff will gag you. Walk through an in inner city neighborhood or a city park during the night. I guarantee you will have a fist punched into your belly and boobs. If you resist I'm sure your arms will be held tight behind your back or tied high above your head stretching your belly to a concave shape. Either way, your belly and boobs will be totally unprotected as repeated punches sink into your uterus, your bellybutton and your boobs. I'd bet you would then be tied or held spread eagle as thugs violently force their tools between your legs. And yes, they will suck your areoles raw as well as bucking you raw. Since you seem to like abuse I'm sure that you would be placed o your hands and spread knees and bred like a dog.

i am terribly sorry for u and they should jail your mother

Hello. I'm very sorry all that happened to you, particularly the last thing, and that it's still difficult for you. Bill

i am so sorry that happened to you i hope that man is in trouble now

That *****i swear if I find him i will rip his ****off and make him eat it

That's just terrible am sorry it went that way

If it was painful for me to read, I know it had to be a thousand times more painful for you. I can tell you are a person who cares about others and a help to others.

your cute by the way sorry for what happen to you

Shes lucky i dont hit women i would of ******* killed the guy that sick *****

Omg i would of killed that ******* ***** and took you out of there thats just ******* wrong

I'm so sorry your own mom did that to you. And sorry you have nightmares of what happen. If there is a way i can help let me know?

Oh. My. God. I hope he's in jail. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I have a fear of men because I was abused. But never sexually. I can't imagine what that was like. Bless you. If I knew you in person I would go up and stab him in the face. I'm so sorry!!!

your story made me both sad (for u) & angry (for ur mother)

I woke up as my wrists were being tied above my head. As I tried figuring out what was happening, my shirt and panties were removed. Mom told me that my age was double digits and it was time for me to become a woman. As she told me this he spread my legs and tied them. He sucked on my nipples then kissed me. It was gross having his tongue in my mouth. He got between my legs and began licking my vagina then he stuck his finger in me. After several penetrations he said I was ready. He got undressed and I begged for them not to do this. I groaned loudly as his huge penis forced it's way deep into my vagina. He pushed into me over and over then I felt him shoot his stuff into my body. After I was untied he ordered me to suck his penis and swallow more *****. My mom helped clean me up and said, you are now a woman.

I was 10 and I didn't know him.

Your mom is a terrible person

I am soory i am a man u know but when reading this tears ran down my ears, i am soory i cant express what i feel right now soory realy soory i knoa it cant help but that just all i can do or say soory

I'm so sorry. I hate men so much. I hate all the terrible things men do to women, and I hate how so many women allow men to do terrible things to them. Seriously, I break down and cry every time I read about a girl like you.

When I was 20, I literally threw the rest of my entire life away the instant I found out my 11 year old cousin Heather was getting raped and tortured by her own dad, after she had already lost her mom forever to schizophrenia, and gave the rest of my existence to her completely. I've spent the last 10 years protecting, and taking care of my baby, along with being her everything, since every single man in her life, other than me, only cares about sexually abusing her in some way.

I am completely in love with my baby Heather, and she is completely in love with me. I could never come anywhere close to hurting her, or any other girl, like those other men.. I'm so sorry your life was a horror for such a long time. I would've protected you from all those people if I could...

Not all MEN raped your cousin and not all MEN raped the story teller here -- Only two men did that so your hatred towards MEN is called misdirected anger and you are the person who is angry inside - I am a man and I have never hurt anyone. Stay off the dope and deal with your issues

Im sorry to hear about this darling... Its terrible and i hope this experience will make you a better and stronger person. Get a good education and live on your own, and have faith in God. All will be well with you. I know this experience really hurts but i hope you can channel it to positive vibes (i know its easy to say for us because we are not in your situation). .... Im giving you my virtual hugsssssss God less you darling!

I'm so sorry angel I would kick that guys *** for u but I would want him 2 do it

I'm so sorry angel I would kick that guys *** for u but I would want him 2 do it

I'm so sorry.

I'll kick his *** for u the sick *****


Somebody should cut his **** off and stick it up his ***.

I would beat his *** for you! That sick bastard!

Aww man these stories are terriable. I will pray or everyone as much as i need prayer:( all of u

wow. u have had quite a tuff life

I'm sorry tht some sick mother-****** did that to u. I hope u don't endure some sick **** like that again. :(

My concerns are that you try your best to get good education and move out on your own. Start a new life in a new city. I know it hurts because you trust more on your mother than anybody else on this earth!<br />
<br />
If you are seeing someone please dont disclose unless you feel he is special, only if he understand your pains, or atleast give a try to understand.<br />
<br />
Keep writing all EP members are with you. More hugs

I am so sorry for what happen to you. I also have a daughter that is grown up now and god knows what I would have done to any man that woud have touched my daughter as he did you. A man like that is not human but a monster. You are a super strong person it seems. I know that you still have nightmares of that. But we are all here for you and I do have a big shoulder. Anytime you need someone to talk to just let me know.

Elf holds 17 and rocks her rubbing her back and telling her,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"everything will be okay.... you are safe now

Late read but wow :s

OMG..mY DEAR SISZ!!! WHAT CAN DO FOR HELP YOU?. You have to take an action legally. don't be afraid to do this u still have time to do this.. take your rites!!!

I'm not the most emotional person in the world. In fact, I;m not emotional at all, but your story almost killed me just hearing it. I can't imagine how this experience made you feel. No one, and I mean NO ONE, should be allowed to call themselves a parent let alone a human being for doing this to someone else. I don't care if they were on drugs or not, there is no excuse. I am glad to know that not one time did you ever blame yourself for what those "people" did to you. with that attitude, you have the potential to be a great person. I can only hope that Justice will be done to those who hurt you. (Personally, I think they should be euthanized, but that's just me talking, not the world.) Furthermore I want to say that I agree with you. Your life is your life, no matter who you are, and no one should be allowed to take that away, no matter who THEY are. Stay strong, Stay safe, and Stay You.

<br />
<br />
Friday, September 24, 2010<br />
<br />
<br />
A Family Affair...<br />
<br />
<br />
On February 9, 1930, Katherine Mackris brought a baby girl into the world. The baby was blessed with perfect health, mentally and physically. She would enjoy these aspects of her young life for a very short time. This is the short story of the long and tragic life of Irene Moreno.<br />
<br />
Irene Moreno was born Irene Mackris. She played and went to school much like any other normal child her age would do. That state of being normal was ripped from her young life once she reached the age of seven years. She was sexually assaulted by her brother Mike Mackris. These rapes would continue until Irene was seventeen years of age.<br />
<br />
Irene confronted her mother about the rapes telling her the dates and times they would occur. Shockingly her mother did nothing about them and in fact encouraged her brother to continue! Irene had a older sister, Evangeline, that was protected from these assaults by her mother.<br />
<br />
On the weekends, Irene was informed by her mother that it was time to see her uncle's. Irene knew that this meant more sexual assaults were going to happen. On some weekends Irene's mother would be in the bedroom watching her brothers have sex with her daughter.<br />
<br />
One day Irene got fed up with the molestations and attempted to jump out of a window in a suicidal attempt to bring this hellish situation to an end. Her brother Mike pleaded with her not to do it, and talked her back into the room where he proceeded to rape her again.<br />
<br />
As time went by, the molestations were expanded to include guests of the family, essentially reducing a very young Irene to being a weekend sex slave.<br />
<br />
In the year, 1953 Irene married Fidencio Moreno and had two sons, Don and Ron. She told her son Ron Moreno about these incidents while on her deathbed. <br />
<br />
Irene Moreno Passed away on August 29, 2010 at the age of 79 years.<br />
<br />
This brief story is an edited version of the original provided by Ron Moreno.

This makes me cry

Im so sorry to hear this.

Rape is such a horrible experience! I was abused when I was a child. Being a man who was "raped" as a child is a strange experience because it's more incomprehensible I think. The worst part for me is that it still affects me in my relationships nowadays. I was so young at the time that I didn't really know what the person was doing or even realize there was something wrong. I also don't remember much. I think it happened a few times at least. I think the fact that I was so young helped me to block out and forget a lot of details. Also it helped me to forgive the person. I don't want to spend all my time trying to hate somebody. I've always tried to focus on recovering from it and becoming a normal person again. It's been a long and difficult journey and I am far from where I would really like to be but I feel happy about the progress I've made. I'm very sorry about your experience. I can honestly say that I understand some of what you're talking about. I hope you can find what you need to recover from it if you haven't already.

Please I hope you are not still living with your mother...Your story actually made me nauseouss, my mom was on crack too, and you better beleive she did lots of nasty **** for it, but she would never have let someone hurt one of her daughters..Im sorry to say it was more than just crack in your moms case-and this story really pissed me off. Who do you live with now?

This is a very sad and terrible story. I am so sorry you had to go through something like that. I hope that your mother will never be able to forgive herself for doing that to you. Though she was under an influence of drugs and people don't think straight, I just feel this was mortifying!!!! <br />
<br />
Stay the strong person you have become!!!! Keep writing your feelings out. Don't ever close up, You are better than that!! !