Dont Know How to Move On.

Well when i was 5 my parents divorced and i was left with my father. Then my step mom came in the picture with 4-5 kids of her own and it was only me and my brother on my side. There were many many beatings and things just out of the normal and there were many times that my step mom would just beat us for the heck of it. The child protection services were called three times. And out of those three times nothing was done. All these calls was between the 6th- 8th grade and they were no help but that is some of my story.
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Attend a recovery group or go to a rehab so you can learn how to move on.

I"m very sorry that you had to endure abuse as a child. CPS is USELESS---call the POLICE, or go to the ER & tell em that you were abused--i'm sure that there were bruises & such as evidence. The medical ppl CALL the police & they go & investigate & go by the DR's report. Then the police call CPS & the abusers are arrested & the children are removed from the home for their own safety.<br />
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From the abuse happening over at least 3 yrs, you most likely suffer from whats called EXTREME PTSD--its the same kind that POW's suffer from. You need to see a therapist or counselor to talk out & work thru your pain & have bad memories lose their sting & hurt & become MASTER over those bad scenarios. The WORST thing you can do is be silent a/b it & try & put the bad memories deep into your mind. Thats when they come back up as "flashbacks", which can be very frightening. It would also cause insomnia & deep depression--also vivid horrible nightmares of the abuse!! Write in a journal a/b the abuse & talk it out thru writing & thru your counselor. Join an abuse support group. "The MOST damaging feelings are those that are NEVER discussed"<br />
Dr. Don R. Catherall

I hope you're better now... I am sure that your experience only made you a stronger and better person.. I wish you all the best ahead.... Hugs >:D<

You poor thing. I know you can find a way to live a happy life now that you are away from your abusers. This book is very good at explaining what may have happened to you psychologically and what you can do about it: <br />
<br />
Adult children of abusive parents: A healing program for those who have been physically, sexually, or emotionally abused. By Steven Farmer<br />
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did you beat the crap out of her when you got older?

It is so hard to grow up in an abusive household and then try to live a normal life. By burying my pain, I got sicker. I found help in counseling and survivor groups when it first came up in my late 30's and early 40's. But the feelings seem to never go away. I agree that journaling helps, but I have also learned that what coping skills I learned in childhood had to be given up and a new way of living found. I am no longer a victim, and that for me is progress

im so sorry i wish i could help

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read ur story! sorry about what u went through! I was abused by my OWN parents so kinda understand...

Hello good day to all of you... Im sorry. I my self never trust those CPS because they only help people if there is a VIDEO so that all of their faces will be viewed in TV....<br />
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Go continue writing... Have you read the story "Thank God I Was Abused"? It's a great story... I don't know if it is ok to post a link here so try to search in google search engine and read it... Or search the Thank God For Ebooks

i understand where you are coming from...i myself was abused as a child by a step parent..for many years i was touched.i had a lot of hate in my heart and mistrust.i was also raped at a very young age ....the only way to get passed it is to let it out and let it go,give it to God.He can heal your heart and give you peace.He is now my to others about it,reach out, you can be a blessing to others:)<br />
stay strong

you have to find your own way to cope but its never easy but once you realise it was never you it was then

Have you tried counselling ? Or just keep writing about it. I find writing is the best, I don't feel pain so much when I write.

I'm sorry. I know what it's like to have CPS do nothing. <br />
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