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Finally Facing My Past


I'm new to the group and I want to start reaching out to other people.  I was abused (physically, emotionally and mentally) by both of my parents.  The last year as been intense, processing each painful memory everyday but it's been worth it.  I'm still facing my family, who is in denial about how dysfuntional we are but I'm focusing on myself more despite what they think.......I'm starting to accept and love myself.  I never realized how hard I was on myself, it blew me away.  I have so much more compassion for myself...what about you?  What do i do at this point?

italianchi1010 italianchi1010 22-25 5 Responses Feb 22, 2011

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thank you Steve43:) i'm ready to share...

thank you ricklbrat2:) i'll offer the same to you....

Thank you! I've started to get into some things i liked when i was a kid.....right now it's small stuff like glow in the dark braclets, decorating easter eggs and a rubber band ball......:) So far it's been awesome, I forgot that there were some good times when I was a kid.....

always here if youwant to write

GOOD FOR YOU!!!!<br />
I went through the same process 20 years back. Now it sounds like you're in the stage where you're feeling like 'what do I do now?' because all that crap is draining away, but it was YOUR crap, dammit, and there's a hole left where it was. What do you fill it with?<br />
Look back on when you were a kid and the interests you had. Pick one of those up again and revisit it. Let it take you wherever it will. That sounds simplistic, but it really works! It's one of those things that seem insignificant, but what you're doing is reclaiming something good from your past and building on it, and that's always a good thing. <br />
Keep going and never give up! I'm proud of you!