My Mother Destroyed Me

When I was a child my mother abused me mentally, verbally, emotionally and physically. She used to beat me in the face and head, call me names, pull my hair and made me believe I was worthless. For most of my childhood, I didn't realize I was being abused. I guess I just thought it was normal. I think my mother has some sort of metal illness and I'm not sure if she even realizes she abused me. If she were to be confronted, I know she would deny it. She is a compulsive liar and has denied other things I have confronted her about. I hate her, but in some ways I still love and care about her. The woman has warped my mind. I don't function normally in social situations or life in general and I blame it on her. She broke me down, before I was ever built up. I blocked a lot the abuse from my mind, but as the years pass I remember more and more details. I guess I Just wasn't ready to deal with the abuse until later in life. I don't really want to deal with it now but I assume remembering these things will allow me to heal. I don't think I will ever forgive her for all the terrible things she did to me. Now, I have to ask was My father blind to all this abuse? He worked a lot and the more I think about it I guess he wasn't usually home when the physical abuse occurred. But, I know he was around when some of the verbal abuse took place. It just isnt right for a mother to call her dauhter all the terrible names that are used to degrade women. I guess he is almost as guilty as her. It is a terrible thing to have hate for your parents. I wonder, if my mother was abused as child. I guess I'm searching for some reasoning behind the abuse. In conflicts, my first instint is to hit. She did this to me; she made me this way. At times, I really do feel worthless. I am just searching for someone to love me and to care about me. My parents usually become physical with each other during arguments. It is almost like violence is the only thing I know. I fear the thought of ever having a child of my own. Would I hurt my own child as I was hurt? I just can't understand why anyone would hurt a child the way I was hurt. There are many details I'm just not ready to talk about. I want to heal and be able to live a happy life. The scars may fade, but they will always be there. I know the abuse I received is nothing compared to what some children go through. I'm deeply saddened at the thought of other children being abused. I know so many have suffered terrible fates. They are in my thoughts and prayers.
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We lived the same life, Im in a position I keep seeing her though, and its stsarting to really effect me. Its cause im seeing her randomly , multiple times a month this is going on, not cause im just randomly loosin g it right??

I hate my mother even though her husband was more abusive than she was. I blame her for marrying him and letting him destroy me. I blame her for always taking his side and turning a blind eye to his abuse. I blame her because she doesn’t love me because she has no idea what love is and that he actually does love me. I hate her because I can’t stop loving her because she’s my mother. I want to stop hurting and hated and being angry but the abuse has ****** me up in so many ways. I am sorry you can relate to me but I appreciate you sharing.

I don't know what to do my mother always screams at me tells me I'm an idiot annoying these things replay in my mind over and over again making me feel like nothing she has hit me and all my other 3 sisters before and when she is pretty mad she will pinch my arm until I have a purple/ black/ blue bruise on my arm, my teacher will ask whats wrong and it kills me but I always have to make a story up leaving me broken on the inside she never pays attentions to me and neglects me most of the time DCF has been called on her 3 times before but she has a split personality confusing me one minute she a mother the next she's an abuser I am always scared to talk thinking if I say the wrong word(s) she will attack me i just kills me when our social worker asks us how we are doing and my mother before hand tells us what to say my sister also is an alcoholic ( she started drinking at 14 ) and does drugs (mostly marajiana) along with my other sis who also smokes weed in front of me and they both smoke cigs but if I tell someone I'm afraid that I'll be taken away I have severe anxiety and think about her abuse 22 hours a day i even dream about it but if I get taken away I will have to go to my dads he also neglects us he lives a town over and works in our town and passes our house 12 times a day yet I have not seen him in over 2 months and on our birthdays he leaves he also self medicated with booz and he has a literal phycotic wife who told us she tried to have a baby with our dad while my mom and dad were married at my age of 3 but u have a wonderful teacher named mrs.o ( I'm going to leave her unnamed ) she is so fun and has helped me through ALOT i dream and think and wish everyday she was my mom I could never explain the feeling I have with her she makes me laugh and is my motherly figure I'm 11 in 5 the grade and 2 months from now going to the middle school I will miss her so much I'm not sure if I should tell her or not plz help!!!

Hi sabby222 I did the same thing as you. I lied to protect my mom and I too was afraid to be taken away. It's like we are wired to protect them even though they abuse us. I wish everyday that I would have had the courage to tell the truth to social workers. It would have completely changed my life. Im not saying it's not scary but it can't be worse than what ur going through alrdy. Tell about your fears about ur dad and that he's not a suitable parent either . I'm sorry you are going through this. I know at ur age it's hard to do something about it! I waited till I was 16 and illegally left to move in with a family. But u are ahead of the game , because you know u need out and that u and ur siblings don't deserve this. Tell someone please. I hope you do.

Thank you.

I had a dream that like when I was around ur age my mom was picking my sisters skin off and beating her. In reality I was too scared and went along with it. But in my dream, I called the Cops and told them my mom was beating my sister. It was a sign of what I should have done. Does that make sense. And did by read my experience with my mother?

I applaud you for having the courage to post this. I have been through a very similar experience. My mother abused my sister and I our while lives. We both left illegally at 16. She would mentally physically and verbally abuse us as we'll . She stabbed my sister and constantly has dilusions resulting in her trying to kill us. She had us isolated from any family or friends. It is a struggle to keep her out of my life, and my head everyday. She also Denies the abuse and I don't know if she actually knows what she has done. I am 24 now and I have been through therapy and meds I have ptsd ,anxiety disorder , agoraphobia, depression, panic disorder. I was also never built up before I was broke down. I cannot hold a job because my anxiety and panic are so severe and I've been this way my whole life because of her. And I am also afraid to have children but I know that I am aware and do not have the same mental illness as my mother. My sister had her first child a year ago and we've managed to keep the baby safe away from our mom and my sister is the most amazing mom. Very inspiring.

Me too. Both of my parents, and as I still live under the same roof as them the emotional, mental and physical abuse continues. My parents give the impression they love me, and buy me nice things, but the abuse I endure does not make up for the nice monetary goods. A black eye does not mean you love me, and bullying me to the verge of me questioning myself, that I "will never be anything in life" and im a "stupid failure of a daughter" the most minute of their insults. Its hard to try and cope with it 24/7

Same here :'( And I thought I was the only one :'(

I badly want to get over. But it's so difficult and I don't know how. :'(

I never had parents (parents love & nurture you). All I had was the man that had sex with the woman that gave birth to me.I will soon be 59yrs and yet it still hurts, I wish that I could move on, but when you are told as a child "you weren't wanted, you were a mistake" while she smashes a sugar bowl over your head, eventually I ended up in a childrens home.I was bullied as I would never fight back, when parents have knocked any spirit out of you and if you do show a spark, then the beating is even worse.They are both dead now, but I still cannot move on.I wish that I could.

I am so sorry to read your experience, please don't feel bad, you are a wonderful kid and you will grow up one day and have your own family that will love you and take care of each other.

I had expereinced almost an identical childhood, I am an adult man now, but when I was a boy and a teenager. My parent's marriage wasn't working, my dad travelled alot and was always busy with work. We were left at home with my mom, we had a good life but my mom was verbally and physically abusive, she used to call me worthless all the times, always said "how come you can't be like X or Y and Z" made me distance myself from my friends. Every time I meet someone she would tell me that they are better than you. The irony she was a teacher too, but quit work he job after having my second brother.

She used to beat me I can't even remember why, she would even chase me down if I ran out, till she corners me, she would beat me with a leather belt, bite, squeeze my arms and thighs with her nails till they cut my skin. Once she hit was a vase and I had to get stiches in my head. She would grap me so hard that her nail would bear scars on my skin, I still have scars from her physical abuse, she always went for the inner thighs with a flipflop or a belt to maximize pain.

She never ever said she was sorry or apologyzed for her behaviour, it made me mad a broken at the same time, I wanted to shot myself in the head one time, I used to have nightmere, that i am falling into a meat grinder and now one can help me, the dreams lasted two summres, I used to wet the bed and cry all the times.

I was A+ student, I started falling behind at school, smoke, I ran a way once, I didn't want to stay at home any more. It was a miracle I managed to graduate university and ended up escaping town and move out of country to escape my past.

My dad, didn't do much, he said once or twice don't talk to him like that but that was it. I fetl bad, I struggled as growing up to have normal relationships and act normal, I might act normal but I get angry so fast, i felt less than everyone else, always felt worthless, had a successful job and started a successful business but never felt success, always felt less and worthless. I wasn't able to commuicate well sometimes, I get made, I was very sensitive to comments. It took me 15 years later to understand that it was child abuse and it's not normal, I had no idea that when I was abused a child, I didn't know that this was wrong and you can't beat up your kids, at least not that way, I heard from my friends their parents hit them sometimes, but I didn't ask for details I was embarrassed.

My mom denies it and claims it wasn't that bad, it hurts that she won't admit what she did is wrong.

I sometimes tear up when I see my scars and remember when used to corner me and beat me, I probably never get over it, I don't talk to my mother now and I have competely distanced myself from here. I hate her and love her at the same time, it's weird, I don't know what I am suppose to do about it and what to make of it, it still hurts sometimes but if I have a family oneday I will never treat my kids that way.

And you still love her. :-) I think you're Awesome.

Im only 14 and I realised my mother was abusing but she stop but I cry almosr every night because im scared I'll turn outlike her she sstill beats my younger siblings and threatens one day she'll leave us and I dont know what to do and im scared im really scared

My Christian Dad throughout much of my life has threatened to punch me! And there were a few times when he did.

From birth till I turned 14 y/o I suffered from a physical and emotionally abusive mother whom was dying from a terminal illness. She was perfectly normal until the most trivial thing would set her into a rampage.

She would call me names, say how worthless and stupid I was/kick/punch/rip my hair out. she broke a plate over my head while screaming that it was all my fault that she was sick and that I should die too. She then dragged me up our staircase by my hair and into my bedroom where she beat me until I was gasping for air. I couldn't breath and passed out, she then cried over my body. I woke up to her saying please breathe...please breathe...
She never even said sorry for any of the times she beat my brother and I. She never admitted the things she did. If I brought it up she would deny it and act as if nothing ever happened. There were so many times I tried to tell people what was going on so I could get my brother and I out of that house. They never believed me. They would say, you shouldn't make up such horrible things about your mom she loves you... :

To this day I find myself shoutting at those I love over stupid things. Instead of talking about it calmly my response is to shout and get upset. I've worked so hard on fixing this problem over the years and even though I've gotten better I still find myself slipping up. I feel ashamed. She damaged a part of me that makes it periodically difficult in my relationships to communicate in a healthy manner.I worry about how long my partner will put up with my outbursts.

I don't want my past to ruin my chance to have a healthy/happy future. I don't want to become anything like my mother...

it's the same for me; I try to tell people what's happening, and no one wants to admit that these things can happen. I am staring into the abyss, but no one else knows that it's there.

I don't think there is reasoning when the abuser is mentally ill.

Be Strong let God in your life and pray for the strength to let go and let him work in your heart. I did and I been there also, the only way is thru God. Find a good church family that can be your support.

Thank you for being brave and sharing. I'm trying so hard to heal right now and it really helped me to read your story and know I'm not alone.

Guys you have no idea. My parents split when I was 6 years old. My mother was gone and my father took care of me and my one year old sister. He did everything for over a year. She had an affair with her boss and ran off.

My mothers father jumped all over her and suddenly this woman I did not know came to get me and my baby sister. Dear god!

This was the beginning of hell. I was the oldest and tried to protect my sister. I took the Friday night "Mommas bad day" beating's.

No matter what I was not good enough so she beet me. I am almost 50 years old and her pleasure is laugh if I am happy! Dear lord folks like her should never be allowed to have children!

I was adopted at 3. At age 4 I had already suffered broken bones, clumps of hair pulled out, stitches to the mouth and injuries to my ears and eyes. I never could use our bathroom. At 4 she beat the hell out of me as she said I left urine drops on toilet seat. She made me pull down my pants and lay flat. Then she hauled back and punched me right in the groin. So for years I had coffee cans filled with toilet paper I hid outside. Snow or rain I went potty out in back yard. People don't understand this punching, screaming, knives to the throat, smashes to the childs head with blunt instruments goes on for hours everyday! Let me say this again Everyday and NIGHT for hours! From age 4 till about 10 I sustained broken bones to the hands, broken collar bone, damaged left ear and right eye, teeth knocked down my throat, massive lacerations and massive emotional attacks. I could go on for hours but as usual no one would believe it. It hurts me deeply to read of others who were all alone and suffered like me. I am so upset that children actually post that this is happening to them now. I found little ways to fight back. I used the old Spybot, hidden audio, motion detection cameras and such. May the heavens watch over you all. Don't let them beat you forever.

I have always been abuse since I was 10 yrds old my mom start hitting me
Calling me a piece of ****,Moran,useless trash,sick daughter . She would kick and punch me in the stromach and pull my hair and try to kill her own daughter. My older brother just watch as a got beaten up. Every time I get theathen I start crying and it's bring back painful memories. No Mather what I try I couldn't find happiness. I cause to much sorrow and pain to everyone around me.
Please help

Hey Winx, I went though/am still going though the same things as you. So if you'd ever like to vent to me.
Or anyone else for that matter.
Feel free!

Thank you so much

You are none of those horrible things she called you. Not one. You are a beautiful person. I know. I was in your shoes. After years of therapy I want to share with you what I have learned. It is not your fault. Your mother is sick, not you. You did not deserve to be treated this way. No one does. My heart goes out to you with love. I am a survivor of abuse.

it helps if you talk about it. it becomes less frightening that way.

I hear you , and feel for you. I was the eldest but only one physical abused, ggot worse of verbal. But we all got some of that. Stuff she woul have been institutionalized if anyone knew. But we had $, lots of room for her to vent. Its comopletely messed me up. At one my lowest points now just cause I keep seein g her at random. Its making me crazy

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It sound exactly 100% of mu childhood and I always think about it , everyday of my life , it makes me sick but I still forgive my mom even if I have big damages in my kife because of her

Its natural, u probably like me saw the other most common person in hyour life as a hero, even if he left you to be beat. Later in life you try and blame the sick one less, out of educationor just cause it hurts you less. Im going threw problems of this and im 32. Anyone going threw this under age 18 needs to tell their school, its abuse, and the abuser needs help(PERIOD)

Ever since i could remember i felt hate and discuss from my mother everything i did was never good enough. She'll call me names like (fat,*****,****,ugly,**** etc) and i would only be in elementary school. She would threaten me with thing like "If you don't clean or if you missed behave i'll have your brother come in and beat upi till death" I would always feel like killing myself when i was only 6 she mad me feel like i was worthless. I remember asking my mother how i was born and her answer till this day and im 21 now would be the same "I found you in the dumpster you should be lucky that i took you in etc" I know shes kidding around but when i was 6 i didnt know what to think. Another time when i was 16 I had my first boyfriend and i thought he was the love of my life the horrible thing about him was he would beat me alot, after our 2 year relationship he cheated on me and i was heartbroken lost alot of weight and just wanted to die so i told my mom the story and him and I how he cheated and beat me. My mom response was "Well its your fault he cheated and beat you, your stupid, loud,ugly,lazy who wouldnt want to beat you" my heart broke and thats when i realized that it was my first and last time telling my mom anything big. I love my mom but to be truthful she ruined me. Because of her i suffer with trust,eating disorder and some time to time i still want to kill my self. I can control it when im not around her but when i am I feel like that hopeless 6 year old girl again....

My mom is the same way. I'm 13, and I'm stuck with living with her. But my dad,lives with his new wife and 3 other kids. At one point with,my mom she was just wailing away at me and I didn't know why I wasn't fighting back, because i know im stronger than her from other fights we have had. And then I realized I,was holding on to that little bit inside me that still cared about her. But that part died when she started swinging a solid wooden stick a little bit bigger than the size of a baseball bat handle at my face. I slabbed a door and the stick ended up hitting her in the face. It cut open her forehead and blamed me. She called the police and said I just randomly started hitting her. I was stuck in hand cuffs for about 3 hours, and went between different hospitals from the middle of the day till 5 am when they sent me to a luney bin. I was stuck there for 6 days with my mom having random visits while saying she forgave me so everyone could hear it. I missed the last week of 7the grade because of that.

I am so sorry you are going through this honey! Please know you are a beautiful wonderful person who does not deserve this! Document everything with pictures and you need to try and video the abuse. I am praying that god hold his protective hands over you and soften your mothers heart. In the name of Jesus Chris our lord! Amen

Tell your school, if that doesn't help beat the heck out of her and call 911 reporting self defense

My mother is so abusive and so self-absorbed. I'm 41 and never left home. She taught me that I'm worthless. She is dying and is destroying the house in her bid to make herself feel better. I keep telling myself I can outlive her but I don't know how.

My. Mom always abused me I was abused every single day this is no joke I need help what should I do

write about it. tell everyone you know.

I get abused too. I've been abused ever since I was born and now I'm 12 I hate my mum she's always moody and she hates me and loves my siblings once I got burnt so what she did was yell at me and hit me I felt like it would of been better to die..
I've tried to kill myself by putting a knife against my stomach but couldn't do it...
My mother drags me by the hair yells at me and I just hate her.

am so sorry you are going through this honey! Please know you are a beautiful wonderful person who does not deserve this! Document everything with pictures and you need to try and video the abuse. I am praying that god hold his protective hands over you and soften your mothers heart. In the name of Jesus Chris our lord! Amen

I am 14 years old, my little bro took my charger for my laptop so I took his PS vita and told him find my charger and I'll give you your thing then he went crying and told my mom. Then my mom hit me with a massive stick on the head I didn't want her to hit me so I went out of the house 1:30 minutes later I went back inside only to find my £233 pound laptop smashed with a rock I was so angry at the time I confronted my mom and shouted and asked for my money back because my gran parents gave me it as soon as i said that she threw boiling water at my face, she forgot that i easily get angry and fight back but as soon as she done it i punched her that day my heart felt relived and she (temporarily) stoped abusing me

I was abuse by my mom when I was like 7 year old she always call me dumb, useless, *****, all kind of name I was so traumatic when ever I'm out if I heard one of those name it gave me goose bump I remember when I was a kid my mom always in a bad mood never once see her smile she always complain about married my dad she always say she should not married him and have kids. I had 3 brothers I'm the only girl but my mom hate me the most she always buy nice stuff for all my brothers nothing for me what ever clothes or shoe my brother don't want I get I hate the clothes I wear. My mom always use her knuckle hit me right on the head it was so loud sometime I see color when she hit it so hard, when my mom do that all my brothers think it funny and they start doing the same thing to me, she sometime slap me on my face there couple time she smack me on my ears I hear ringing tone. I remember I was like 8 or 9 year old she take off all my clothes put me outside the house after that incident I was so afraid she might do that again I was so embarrass all my friends and neighbors saw that. I was so afraid to come out the house, like couple month later she take off all my clothes put me out the house again I never understand why she do that. I always woke up in the morning praying my mom don't yell at me or hit me, I try so hard to please her so I don't get hit or yell I think that why I had trouble making friends I don't have much friend because I don't no how to express myself to other peoples, now I'm 36 year old I still have flash back of what my mom do to me I never confront her about what she did to me is wrong when I was young. 4 year ago one of my ear had problem went to the doctor he told me both of my ear had hole due to ear infection or injury I only had one ear fix I had save enough money to had the other ear fix I do blame my mom did that. I never feel there a mother and daughter bond with us I can't have eye contact with her. The older I get the more pain I had when I was a child I afraid of her the pain I get is front her hand she hit me. The older I get the more pain I get from the memory.

I know it's hard sometimes. I was abused until I moved away and went no contact with my mother. You did not deserve to be treated so cruelly. I am so sorry. My love to you.

I am exactly the same as you, I am now 25 my mum beat me and my dad was never around always working or the at the pub, I recently got all my social records from when I was young and its heart breaking. I got moved in care when I was 11 years old and was put and took of the child protection register. I struggle everyday with anger problems and feeling hurt. I wish I could just forget but even as an adult my mother and sisters have treated me like trash. Basically I have no family. I really want to cut the little thread that makes me care but don't know how.

I am a teenage girl and my mom does this to me every day.
15 minutes ago, I asked her a simple question.
then she said "I should effing beat your a double s for saying that. "
I called her rude because the question I asked was just a yes or no question.
then she stepped on my foot and I tried to walk out of the room but she grabbed my hair from behind and pulled it really hard and punched me in my face 3 times.
I remember her doing this kind of things to me, even at the age of 5.
I hate her.
I wanna tell someone but am afraid too. If I tell, she'll hate me and no one will take care of me...
I dont know what to do..
everyone thinks she is nice but she isn't.

She even calls me a ugly fatass

you should get in touch with social services x

I was abused by my mother and brother. They would both beat me so bad. I had bald spots on my head from her pummeling me. I remember the hair in my mouth and when she finally stopped seeing clumps of hair everywhere. I didn't even do anything wrong. I went to visit my grandparents and they brought me home to a new place. This was not the first time this happened. I was crying cause I would have to go to a new school again. She just beat me and left me in the bathtub cause I trled to get as far as I could and I guess I thought getting in the bathtub fully dress would stop her. This was not the first or last time this would happen. My brother sexually abused me and tried to kill me three times. One time my friend ranto get her mom cause I was passed out from being kicked in the head with his steel toed boots. Friends mom got me and iced the lumps wanted me to stay over night. I was told to get home. My mom greeted me at the door and cornered me and told me to never take the family business anywhere again! More abuse and my brother exposing himself to my friends and soon noone could hang with me. Our house was filled with holes from baseball bats and knives in walls. It was an awful existence. I got pregnant at 16 and was kicked out. It saved my life! I wnt on to put myself through school. Was a very hard worker. Made good money and 30 yrs later because I had forgiven I let her talk me into putting a 3 month leave into my job to help her move back home. She is just as abusive and now controls my every move. I never did go back home cause she pretended she was ill and I became her caretaker. I am now very sick. No way to get out and live in a retirement town with no jobs. I never see my children and she hates them! She talks bad about me to everyone and she I a narcissistic drunk. So I say to anyone that esapes the abuse. Run an never go back. My beautiful life is ruined. My sweet carefree life is now filled with stress and dread. She also forced the abusive brother into my life after choosing not to see him for 20 years. He has cost her a fortune and continues to do awful things. She tells me to get over it when I try to explain what he did to me and how he is sicker now. I moved here so pretty and full of life and she even hit on a guy I was dating! Now I don't feel attractive enough to date. My life is over at 51. I used to look 10 years younger and now I just look and fel tired. My advice is forgive for yourse if you choose to but never ever go back.

my parents have not changed either. I moved home for a while because I got sick and couldn't work enough to pay the bills. the abuse started all over again. my health took a turn for the worse. I got out though, finally.

My god Sunni you need to run!!! Get out, go back to your children. If you are not able to do it for yourself do it for them. Call someone that can help motivate you. Just pack your suitcase and leave. If you dont have the strength, please do this for me: just tell yourself you are going for 3 days back to your children's city or wherever you came from. Pack everything you can. when you are away, during those 3 days, take a deep breath, talk to everyone you can, you need to find the strength when you are away to accept you can escape. You cannot do that with your mother around, she has too much control over you. you need to first get out. Good luck

SUNNI, my heart goes out to you. IT's NEVER too late to start fresh. PLEASE leave this toxic environment. You are a very strong, beautiful person, you can do it!

agree with the other respondents, please leave. they will never change.

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I have never thought that there are many people there who are in the same boat, who were abused the same way as I was. I was badly abused by my mom. She used to beat me up with some iron stuff, sticks, chairs everyting she could find she would beat me, drag my hairs pull and beat me through me on the floor or against the wall. SHe had bad times with my father and his relatives, and maybe thats why she relaxed by beating me up. My lil bro and sis also were beaten by not severe and hard as me. I suffered a lot. I did not have many friends, she used to punish me if I went out with my friends. SHe abused me verbally, emotionally, physically. As years passed I realized what is my problem in talking to people, having difficulties with friends, and all people. It was her fault she did it to me. My sister says I was introvert from my childhood , but even its true my MOM DID IT WORSE with her abuse. I have always had scratches, on my face arms. Still remember the smell of the abuse. The smell of the blood all over my face, the smell of my tears and the pain I had. I cant forgive her for what she did to me. People say I am a bit abnormal and very selfish. What can I do, if its my mom fault. I tried so much to be normal person, but am tired, can fight my thoughts any more, half of me tried, and did well, but half of me is dead now. I want to kill myself. coz its very hard to live happy and normal life. I am alone in another city far from them, I lost my jobs recently, lost my boyfriend, coz she contributed to our break up. I am so broken down. I am thinking of suicide method. How to do it, I cried last night did not sleep at all. The best way for me is to die!

me too. I am just so tired. people tell me that I am selfish too, but I don't believe them. I think there comes a point where you decide to really cut out the crap. maybe they're crap too.
I hope things get better for you.

Don't let ur mom kill u ! Get ur life back! I've been down this road but with therapy and meds I'm living a semi normal life. Please get help

hi I to am a survivor of mother abuse horrible abuse like torture I am 39 and tonight I decided to try find reasoning here on the net according to the things she did to me so can make sense and try move past what she did to me so I hear u friend I really do my heart breaks every day wonderimg why she didn't love me ever she felt she had torture me instead