My Dad Loves Me

He loves me for threats. he loves me when he tries to kill me twice, including His Brother. He loves me to never have friends over. He loves me when hes on drugs. He loves me when he Abused me and my brother.

That's what my Mom Said...he really loves me more than my brother. so I never grew up to have a wonderful Dad, that's my results. pretty much I never had a great Child Hood, That's why I'm, still alone and always talk to myself because that's how I was grew up. but luckily I was never like my Dad even though I was living pressure with him, but I have a Hatred Passion tours him.
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do u have an imaginary fantasy about your dad beating you?

Not much I can say other than I am sorry that happened to you. I am not a father but wish every day that I was. I think to be a father would be a great honour and more meaningful than anything else. <br />
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I was lucky to have a father that spent time with me and my sister whenever he could. Your story made me think of him, so it’s only right that I share those thoughts with you. He worked very hard earn money to give us things but any Saturday he was not working he would wake us up early and let my mom sleep in. He would take us fishing, to his friends that raced homing pigeons to turn them loose miles away and clock them returning to the coop, to pick wild strawberries and bring home to mom for brunch (with pancakes) and swimming at the local public swimming pool. These are just a few of the happy memories. <br />
Sadly my father died at age 51 after a 15 month illness with cancer caused by exposure to asbestos at work. I held his hand as he took his last breath.

I too didn't grow up with a good dad who loved me. He was abused by HIS father, & made him mean & bitter & so he drank for comfort from the bad feelings he had towards his dad, who I found out was also a rapist. My dad physically & emotionally abused me from when i was a kid into my teens. Then I took martial arts & built up my self esteem & threatened to put him in a hospital--that stopped the abuse!!! You can CHANGE the "tapes" of the abuse you endured. It CAN BE DONE! I totally changed my personality 180 degree's! BUT, it takes a LOT of emotional & physical work to accomplish it. Its up to you if you want it or not. But always remember, GOD LOVES YOU & watches over you when you don't even know it!! If you wanna talk PM me, I"d be glad to talk with you.<br />
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God Bless, <br />

Its all over, nothings wrong with my mom, except she use to be fragile and my Dad passed away from overdose a long time ago. My brother in a different state now. its all good. but really I wished I grew up with a real Dad in heart.