I Can Fly.....

Dear soul-mates, (we are bound together by shared experiences),

I do not choose to live in the dark, cold recesses of hurt and shame. So, I wrote a book about my experiences that leaves out those graphic details used so many times to sensationalize and further victimize us. I chose to dignify myself and you dear ones here by letting you insert your own experiences and imagination. Instead, my story focuses on survival, love and life.

It is a journey of faith, hope and love that begins with you finding my journal and ends with you deciding how it all ends. And in the end, there's just you and I and a wonderful surprise.

I hope it helps you heal in reading it like it helped me in writing it.

Please read "I Can Fly, but Only at Night" and see we can go together, and why you'll have to tell a friend.





tristanmoorhen tristanmoorhen
1 Response Mar 19, 2008

Yes I think you make very valid points, here! Thank you for sharing this thought. YAY!! Hugs, LW