Molested By Doctor

I was molested by a pediatrician when I was 10 years old.  I was going in for a routine school physical and the doctor shooed my dad out saying that I was old enough to be examined by myself. My dad  agreed (this was a military clinic and my dad was used to doing what he was told--especially from an officer).  The first thing the doctor did was ask me to take my clothes off and lay on the examining table.  I left my underwear on (this is the way it had always been done in the past).  He immediately removed my underwear and left me completely nude on the table.  I was so embarrassed that I covered my genitals with my hand.  He pulled my hand away and threatened me with "shots" and "cutting off my pee pee" if I did not cooperate.  I was uncircumcised and he manipulated my penis (I guess trying to give me an erection), He also fondled my scrotum and placed an ungloved finger into my anus (using his saliva for lubricant).  At this point I became combative and started yelling for my dad. He left the exam room and left the door wide open--with people walking by and gawking (guess they didn't believe that the door was open).  He informed my dad that I was being very uncooperative, saw that I had put my underwear back on and immediately removed them again. He then informed my dad that I need a circumcision so he set me up for blood tests (shot) and a circumcision (cutting my pee pee off).   There was no problem retracting my foreskin (he did this several time while trying to ********** me).  He was just getting back at me for not letting him "have his way"  My dad did not believe me btw, when I told him what had happened and I was eventually sent for the blood test and circumcision (so the doc got his revenge).  As a result, I do not go to doctors--to this day.  I have tried therapy and it has made me adjust.  I am now having to go for a left knee replacement and my anxiety level is through the roof (I will have to have a general physical exam and blood work).  I am 59 and I cannot deal with doctors examining my genital and anal area I just usually refuse the exam.  Now I may not have any control over having my genital and anal area covered during surgery and hospitalization.  I have not told the primary care doc or surgeon about my past--but I guess I should. (to this day, I am embarrassed about talking about it.)  I am the victim--yet I can't talk about it (fearing the surgeon will require me to go to a "shrink" and cancel the surgery--which I need badly).  Btw. , the pediatrician did no further exams (heart, lungs, ears, throat etc) on me.  (I guess he faked the documentation on the rest).  I have tried to find him and confront him but the military will not release my records to me because I was a dependent at the time.
This is an example of the far reaching implications of just one instance of child molestation can effect a person for their whole life.  I think molesters should have their genitals cut off.
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Been there too, sadly. My female gyno was inappropriate/aka: molested me too. I guess because I was a girl (17yrs old) no other female had to be in the room. <br />
I didn't not go back to a gyno for almost 15 years(only when I absolutely needed to for birth control pills). And when i did, I began to realize how wrong she had acted. The appointment should take about 10 minutes max. That first gyno spent 10 minutes and my breasts, then she headed south. I covered myself up with my paper robe, and she pulled it back open saying creepy things "like, oh'we're all just girls here...hehhe" So I'm naked, spread eagle while she's at my crotch. She spent at least 20 minutes there. I was 17, had no diseases, heck-I was still a virgin. She continued on saying weird/inappropriate things about how good I was at this, how comfortable I was, and how this is SO good.--all while hand-deep in me...<br />
I was very uneasy, and it took a long time for this all to sink in. When I returned to her office for a follow up weeks later, I mentioned that I had lost my virginity recently, and I swear--she was irritated or dissapointed. WTF!? She's a VJ doctor, her job is to deal with this and not molest/abuse her patients...

I recently had sinus surgery, and keeping you covered while awake should not be a problem. Nor should anyone be looking at your genitals without your consent.<br />
There is no legitimate reason to leave a patient undraped unless you are doing a genital exam, and that should be done to expose the minimum amount of area possible.<br />
Under general anesthesia, however, bowel and bladder control is usually lost...if you truly wish no-one to clean you up you should probably wear an adult diaper.<br />
You do not owe anyone the reason why you insist on this. It's your body, you retain control over who touches it and how.<br />
<br />
I am quite sorry that happened and that you were not believed.