Good Times

My childhood was fun-filled.  That is, if you consider being kicked down a flight of stairs by your step-mom fun...

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2 words FUC*&(% BIT(*! Luckly most my life we lived in a trayler till it burnt down, then we moved to a house with a basement, so i only got trown a cople times.

Step mother - not father. I don't know why she was wired that way.<br />
<br />
I wish it had been an isolated incident, but unfortunately not. She once forced me to eat my own vomit because her children spilled raisins all over the couch. She decided it was my fault (they admitted they did it) and stuffed them into my mouth until I gagged and threw up. She then made me eat what I threw up.<br />
<br />
Nice lady, really fun to live with.