In The Park

I was only ten when i was abused. I was playing with a friend in the park and we went into the tree area of the park. We were playing when this man came over to us and he asked us to do things to him which were not very nice. Then he asked could he touch us we said no and he left we were really lucky That he did not force him self on us But what i can not under stand why would he want to touch Two un developed young boys.This is still in my head today why would he want to touch us.It make me feel dirty And i am deppressed and he is still walking around. He told us not to tell anyone at the time but now i wish i did tell someone as he may have done it to more boys and i could have stopped if i had said somethihk at the time.
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1 Response Jan 26, 2012

you should NEVER be ashamed- it's not like you had anything to do with this. <br />
You have a golden opportunity- this is a test of you and your character. DO NOT LET THIS INCIDENT DEFINE YOU!!<br />
This situation is NOT you, and don't give it power over you and your life. It's a big hurt right now. You can turn this thing around and it won't always hurt you- TRUST ME! <br />
You have more power and strength than even YOU know you have. <br />
<br />
Right now, the ball's in your court. Let it continue to fester away and eat at you or leave it where it is- in the past - it cannot hurt you anymore unless YOU let it.

Thanks for your comment but when its in your mind its always wanting to come out.