My First Experience Of Abuse.

I was twelve years old and one of seven "favourites" of the deputy principal of the school.  Frequently, in his study, he would cuddle, kiss and fondle us.  Two of us (individually) would sometimes be summoned to his study during PE lessons.  My experience then was that he would cuddle and deep kiss me then caress down my maked torso, put fingers in the band of my shorts and slide them down to remove them.  He would then fondle me fore and aft.  None of us considered this to be bad stuff;  peculiar yes, but it seem to be ok.  He never actally buggered us so we were lucky in that.  As we were the favoured ones, we received certain priviledges and were let off a lot of punishment so we all saw it as a good thing.  Over half a century later, it would all be a mega deal with court cases and stuff which really would turn it into a bad job.
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Yes, there were several more occasions throughout my teens with several ppeople (both male and female) and no, I don't perceive that it has marred me in any way and I don't feel that I am a victim.

Your first experience; were there more? Has any of this caused problems in your life?