Many will scoff and look down upon the thought of vengeance, it must seem so barbaric to attack one who has taken away everything from you save your own life; though sometimes you wished they had. I couldn't tell you how many times people have told me "they loved you, in their own way". Tell me, what sort of love craves your misery, laughs at your pain and is more than willing to keep you miserable? Save the pleasantries for someone who will fall for the hypocrisy.

       It may be frowned upon. It may be morally questionable. Though I wholly believe the justice system is blind in this world so I enforce my own. Am I for capital punishment? Certainly not. Just eye for an eye, *** for tat as it were. Those who deal out agony and cruel behavior should be dealt with. Their age, sex, or blood relation shouldn't matter. Call me hateful, call me disturbed, but I deal in vengeance upon this earth. Death is too merciful, take the prime opportunity and strike. After all, they'd do worse to you given the chance.

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I can relate. I have a Malignant NPD mother who handed me to her flaming queen uncle the day she took me from my father. My mother also had direct participation in the molestation of my daughter by my ex-wife's boyfriend: and kept the rape hidden. I too desire vengeance with the heat of a supernova. But I cannot take it. To do so would validate the narcissism projected upon me by my parent. I have been aware of NPD for several years and have made significant gains. I will not give my parent the satisfaction of becoming her. It's hard, but you MUST turn away from vengeance.

Vengeance are Mine says The Lord and I shall repay.<br />
My parents are both dead now and I can truly tell you<br />
that their death did not stop my pain. Yes I know that my father <br />
will never rape or abuse another child and i am glad for that.<br />
But the anger you carry is hurting no one but yourself.<br />
To tell you to forgive sounds like its something easy to do.<br />
I can promise you that it's not,at this point your not willing to <br />
forgive and I understand that.I wasn't either.<br />
What i had to pray was...<br />
Lord,You know how much they hurt me and how much anger <br />
and hate I'm am carry n. I confess that I am not willing to forgive them<br />
But I am willing for you to make me willing.<br />
To carry this only hurts you hun and its like they still have power<br />
over you.It's like give n them free rent in ur head.

This shows that you still have soo much to deal with.<br />
Do I think your wrong? NO<br />
I can't be a cop for this same reason..<br />
When asked it i would and could shoot someone<br />
my answer was always Yes..<br />
If I came apon someone rape n a woman or child<br />
I would look at them as a cockroach...<br />
Kill it and keep walking...

Good for you.
As for those with their self-righteous "advice" i think is a form of cowardice.You have every right to be angry and you should retaliate in every way you can as long as it doesn't put you in jail or cause more harm for you.
The laws really suck.I wish i had some justice but i'll never will.As for forgiveness please listen to Andrew Vachss ( Americas biggest child advocate and founder of Protect).You can google Andrew Vachss talks to Oprah about forgiveness videos.You do not have to forgive to heal or recover.And i'm sooo with you.You have GUTS.And you are RIGHT.