My Dad

When I was 10yrs old, my mother took us kids and left my dad because of hte abuse. If my room was messy, he would say I couldn't eat until I had my room clean and I had to sit at the table and watch everyone else eat. If I snuck into food in the middle of the night because I was hungry, then I was stealing and would get punished. If I lied trying to get out of trouble I would get punished. At one point he said he would give me 8 swats for lying and would add 8 swats every time he caught me lying so the spankings got up to 168 swats before he stopped that. When he spanked, we had to pull our pants and underwear down to be spanked on our bare butt and had to stand with feet completely together and bent over with hands flat on the floor and were spanked with either his belt or a wooden paddle. There was a while that he said he was going to change his ways and not spank anymore so he wouldn't be abusive. Then our punishments were things like kneeling on a broomstick with an arm full of heavy books or standing a few feet away from wall and leaning so our hands were on wall and holding ourselves up like that.

We (my dad and I) have talked about it since I've become an adult and he recognizes that he was wrong and explained what frame of mind he was in at the time and apologized for his behavior. I have forgiven him but I'll never forget......
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You did the one thing I never could, forgive. I did have the talks, and I did get the apologies and explanations, and I even could see the parents point of view (which is actually rather scary), I never could, sincerely, forgive them.<br />
So, I am jealous, but mostly I think it wonderful that you actually did forgive him.