If You Were S Abused By A Man In Your Life Read This Piece Of An Aricle

So abuse victims tend to get into abusive relationships as adults and there are many reasons why . . .
Here is a red flag of an abusive man, not always true, but there is insight about why we want to fix men

If either you or the man are moving very fast in the relationship, that's dangerous. He might be acting very charming and loving, but he knows he can't keep up this act very long, so he moves even faster. You, in your needy state, may be moving fast because he feels 'familiar' - like he 'gets' you. That can be a dangerous sign that you're rushing to 'fix' him, too. Somewhere inside, you believe (maybe unconsciously) if you 'fix' him, you have finally 'fixed' your father.
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It creeps me out when guys act like they know me really well when we only just met.

I don't agree with this. I'm in a fine relationship. It depends on your mental state. A lot of people do only what they know. Such as entering violent relationships. Others like myself, repel it. I'm not going through trauma again.<br />
This is one of those statements like, if u were abused, u become the abuser. Not in my world.

After I posted this my perception has shifted on this issue. A lot of people try to define my behavior in relationships by the abuse I experienced. I know it is not what we have been through that shapes us the most, but what we have overcome within ourselves. I am in a very healthy relationship, but I tried to frame the man as a "bad guy" because that is what I anticipated. I am still learning to overcome the fear. I am glad you disagree with that I wish you the best in life =)