well let me start when i was seven my dad used to beat me and my mum up we were always at the hospital. on my 8 birthday my dad hit me in the car and said he was sorry later that day.
when i turned 11 i got abused by my dad he started forcing me since then he use to hit me alot and once he banged my head to the wall and made it bleed
this continued till i turned 13 a week later my dad threw a glass table at my mum and almost killed both of us that's when i knew i had to tell me mum that dad had been abusing me for 2 years
later that day i told her and we ran away and went back to her country and stayed with her family
later when i turned 14 she got divorced from my dad
its okay now he's not there anymore
i'm having motion problems but i'm trying to control it i hate almost all men and blame them for my problems
some days i cry
some days i hurt myself
but i know i'm always safe and away from my sick father
i forgave him but i'd rather not have anything to do with him anymore.
DianaLen DianaLen
13-15, F
1 Response May 5, 2012

DO NOT HURT YOURSELF. It's not your fault. Your dad is a crazed bastard and you were an innocent child. Stop it. You can always change the future. Be happy that you survive, you are strong! Meditate or something (Yoga), don't hurt yourself, please!