No. I Cant Just Get Over It.

I am so tired of people telling me "well now its time to move on", "get over it", "its not happening now?"

Get over what? everything I know? All I know is abuse? and now im supposed to be expected to walk around like everyone else?
Do you say that to someone who gets hit by a car and gets thrown onto the road and suffers trauma...Do you take them out of the hospital and say..."No you dont need healing, just pretend there is no pain? dont need those bandages to stop the bleeding, just keep running and pretending its not wont bleed to death. 

I dont think so.
I just dont think so.

no. I survived the equivelant of multiple attempts of those who were supposed to "love" me who instead tried  to take my life...
And Im supposed to pretend? it never happened?  Move on? 
Im supposed to be a normal friggin person?

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3 Responses May 10, 2012

I think people don't like to think about it and also don't understand so say things that will steer away from the topic of conversation. I found out my twin sister was raped and while she never outright told me she has alluded to it lots of times and I still don't know what to say...also when she tried to kill herself I told her she it was a stupid thing to do (I was only 18). <br />
<br />
Talking about it is better than pretending it never happened, though.

When someone hasn't been through abuse they just don't understand what it means, what it feels like, how it has formed you to the person you are today, so they really don't know what they are talking about when they tell you to get over it. Try not to take other people too seriously. Try to find a way to cope today because you are worth it. Everybody is worthy. Have you tried therapy? I've been to therapy since September, it's been a hard road to take I have to admit it but slowly-slowly I see improvement (I struggle with anxiety, depression, ptsd and panic attacks because I am also a survivor of child abuse). Take care! Remember that there are many out there who have similar feelings to yours.

People can make you want to rip your hair out sometimes, can't they?