growing up i had no father. he left before i was born. when i was four my mother remarried the most kind man on earth! i considered him my father. but when i was 6 he died in a construction accident. a year later my mother remarried again. this man was pure evil! i believe he was insane and delusional. he was always claiming he loved me and not in a father daughter way but in a perverted way. one day he got mad at me when i talked back to him so he took me into the bathroom and beat me with his leather belt for over an hour. he would continue this for 2 years. i tried to be good. but even the slightest thing would make him tick. even leaving my coat on the floor which i did by accident one time. it got so bad that i was admitted into the hospital and found that i had a broken tailbone. so basically he whipped me so hard he broke my behind. after that my mother left him. only to come back to him after i had healed. it all ended one night at a family barbeque when my aunt walked in on me in the bathroom and saw my bruises. she called the police and had him arrested.he got out 2 months later. and get this! i never saw my mother after that. she chose him. she chose him instead of her child. i have been beaten i have been wounded but i am proud to say i am a survivor!
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Have you seen the movie or read the book "Bastard out of Carolina"? seems as though you would have alot in common with the little girl in the story Bone, you should watch it. I am sorry this happened to you though, I hope you are in a better place.

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