I Was Abused By My Parents And Older Brother

To whom it may concern,

                                               Hello  my name is ratscats and I been abused ever since I was little.  When I was growing up I felt like the black sheep of the family and I was the second youngest of five and when I was physical, mental, and verbarly abused and my dad was the most that hurted me and well my mom and my brother was no better they were right there doing it as well. I went to work at the the time with bruises on me and when I got asked I just told them that i bumped into things.  There is more to my story but it hurts still to talk about and I am looking for some one who understands where I am coming from and become a friend.

                                                                                           GOD BLESS

ratscats68 ratscats68
41-45, F
2 Responses May 11, 2012

I shall be there for you to talk too. Whatever time of day, to talk about anything at your own pace. Stay strong. Xx

I'll be your friend. I have anxiety disorder so I don't talk much. But if you need me I'll try my best.