Hello All Familiar Souls...

Hi,I'm a survivour of a very abusive childhood that seemed like a few lifetimes.I'm 31 years old and to many people,they say ,"Your still a baby"!,to which  I reply,"I have alot of miles".My mother was a exotic dancer,my father an abusive construction worker who love to drink ,drug. and fight.When I was barely walking he would grab me by the throat and slam me against the wall,leting me know that he didn't want me around.Anything that I had to learn was taught with slapping my face,for each mistake that I made.I had nightmares most nights about him trying to kill my mom and me,my mom because she would try to get him to leave me alone all the time.I would hide under the kitchen table every night when he came home, trying to avoid any hateful actions directed towards me.My older siser was my father's pride and joy,i was an accident and he made it a point to show me that I didn't fit in to his plans.As I got older the abuse grew too.There was many beatings that wound up being a blackout,awaking in a bathtub of cold water.DHR wouldn't do anything,and my mom ended up leaving my dad and taking us with her.through courts and police records,my dad ended up getting custody of me and my sister.Slaps turned into punches,black eyes,bloody nose,busted lips,etc...to be continued-
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Im so sorry :(