I Am A Child Abuse Survivor

I was  a child of 6yrs when my neighbour   had sexually abused me. eventhough i had a sister who was one year older than me i was the target as i 
was very friendly with everyone.this went on for months and i would wonder why this man was doing this to me and not to his sister who was also a girl.
I did not speak to anyone about this and definitely not to my father as i felt he might harm the 16yr old neighbour.
           We would visit my grand parents in the same city every week and there was my father's own brother 26yrs abusing me. I could not talk to my father 
fearing this would affect their relationship. the third person was another uncle my mom's youngest sister's husband who also had a daughter.
  As I grew up thought my father was right in being protective about  his 3 daughters and would never spend a night in any of our relatives houses.The 
above experiences made me feel that I should not beget a child of my own but  protect all children  from child abuse.

I was very lucky to find a person ofcourse my father found him  who wanted to adopt his sister's child as she had worse experiences as she had eloped
when she was 15yrs old and given birth to 2 children by 17yrs. 

We decided to have the child as our own and provide the best of everything in the world to her. My husband wanted a child of his own so we went in for 
our own child who was our second daughter. But the entire responsibility of our family was on my parents  as my in laws washed their hands off after 
my husband had a head injury and was not employed throughout. I worked hard for 28 yrs , both my husband and me sacrificed  a lot for our children also
protected them well from bad elements taught them good values inspite of my depression and medication  my husband felt i was too normal and with the support of my parents , sisters, friends and wellwishers saw that my first daughter studied ma in journalism and my second daughter completed
a degree in textile engineering and is a bharathanatyam dancer. both my daughters have a daughter each and loving husbands.

I am very proud to say that i was overprotective about my daughters ,their friends and the time they came home and moreover I was a friend to both of them. Please  read this story carefully  and protect the girl child as best as you can. I need this to be kept very confidential and my name not revealed.
In case you  approach me for an interview not on the tv you cld ask somebody to speak for me, I could provide you with more incidents  even after marriage so that this cld be made into a low cost movie or a  tv serial. I would love to discuss my feelings with AAmir Khan who is too understanding.

Pushpa Bharadwaj
Ph  25296459
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pushpabharadwaj pushpabharadwaj
May 21, 2012