The First Time..

(disclaimer: i am going into details of what happened the first time i was molested. i am using this as a way of therapy if u do not want to read my story in detail you can find a glance by in my story TIME TO TALK.)

My family was spending the day aat the river when my favorite uncle(Uncle Sam) showed up. We were all excited, me especially because he favored me. he'd always bring me a small present and it made me feel special since no one else did that for me! This time he bought me a pointer lazier with 25 different screw on designs. After a long day of swimming he finally asked my mom and dad if i could spend the summer with him and his wife and foster son in elko nevada. I was so excited! i practically begged my dad to let me go! my mom was all for it! if she had known what was to come i know she wouldn't have talked my dad into it! But he finally agreed and i was going to spend two whole weeks with him in another state! i was 8 going on 9.

The drive passed in a blur of pink vomit(pepto bismo) and beautiful city lights. it didn't happen for quite awhile. but he kept putting off me going home.. 2 weeks turned into 2 months.

The night it happened his wife was gone and his son was asleep.. he came into my room and told me that i wasn't washing my hair correctly and that wed shower in his room and he'd show me how to do it. i was nervous, i didn't even shower with my dad!, but agreed. after he washed my hair he made me soap and scrub his whole body. i was so scared when i got to his manhood. it was hard and scared me. he looked at me and told me that needs washed too. i did what i was told because i had no choice. i didn't know any better. after that he started rubbing himself and grabbed the soap and started to wash me.. he slipped his fingers inside of me and molested me till he came on my back. i felt so disgusting i was crying and almost in hysterics. i knew it was wrong. but he didn't stop there. he took me into his room and continued to molest me with his fingers until late into the night. when he finally let me go to bed he told me im no longer aloud to wear underwear when i sleep because i need air down there. i agreed was so tired i just wanted sleep. after i was in bed he came in and slipped his hands under the blankets and molested me while he told me goodnight. he then told me that i couldn't tell anyone about what we did because its a special secret and they wouldn't understand..
Kaitykay93 Kaitykay93
18-21, F
May 21, 2012