i was eight years old when my camp counsler abused me. it was at some snotty sleep away in new york. i was a chubby child with glasses and i was and still am a smart ***. one day i was home sick and asked to call my mum and dad so i did and when i started crying on the phone she ended the call. next thing you know she is punching me in the belly till i feel like i have no air left and then slapping me across the face. then the next day i would tell my other counsler my belly hurt they gave me so much medisan that i would pass out and throw up. then the one who hit me wouldent give me food or water unless i said in in a long island accsent (im from the island). this went on for two and a half months the same thing every night. but when i came home and i knew i was not going back even though my parents didnt believe me. my cousin goes there and my four closest friends so i have to hear about it alot.
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13-15, F
May 22, 2012